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For all fans of city building simulators, another pleasant and, moreover, completely free gift will be a new application for your Android Village City – Island Sim. However, be extremely careful and careful! The gameplay can captivate you so much that we risk forgetting about all our, even the most important and urgent matters!

Village City: Island Sim Codes (2022 December) 1.12.2
List of Codes Expiration date
LODYTI2AER8 August 5, 2022
BQC08L7FP4 September 3, 2022
SA0DXPJHV September 9, 2022
2NP4W0XFR9O September 4, 2022
MEB95GUPI782 August 25, 2022
YLFX2IT879W September 1, 2022

So what awaits the one who nevertheless dared to run this application on his device? Firstly, you will find a pleasant, eye-pleasing graphics, and soon, when your business starts to move uphill, you will see how beautiful and flourishing cities can turn out. Unless of course you use the right approach to their management. This, in fact, is what you will have to do.

Build your cities and develop them. Improve the infrastructure, develop the economy, in general, do as much as possible to make the city grow and the life of the citizens become better. At the same time, do not forget that the simulator is quite realistic, and if life has improved in your city, then residents of neighboring cities will soon find out about it and begin to move to you. This means you will need new homes, new jobs and new resources. In other words, those who want to expand will hardly be able to rest, because the city is an endless cycle of worries. It’s like a mechanical watch that, if you want it to work properly, you need to regularly lubricate and monitor its condition.

This means that in Village City – Island Sim you will not be bored, but your work will be rewarded with success and achievements, and this is the most important thing for someone who is used to developing and improving.

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