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Medusa, Frankenstein, Werewolf, Succubus, Dracula…. you title it! Costume up your villains and even your robots with crazy cool skins. Rely on additional notorious villains to be updated! (Joker, Thanos, Darth Vader).

Choose your robotic to start with and win additional freedom from cost. Every mechanical has a distinctive experience to your new methods. Time to flex your automated assortment! ‘VILLAINS’ is a free MOBA(Multiplayer On-line Battle Space) battle royale recreation. Play this PVP battle space recreation with notorious villains throughout the latest sorts.

Villains Robot Battle Royale Mod APK 1.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

This game is unbalanced. Seems like opponents with higher experience are mixed with those who are trying to much that has no other villains and robots, plus, characters are very weak like theres no other way to evade strong attacks and can be taken down with just few attacks in a very short time, much faster than entering in a match.. Is good but i hate the error. why is their is no new season?? Im waiting for 1 day to do my quest but its unavailable?? what happened?? reply plss.. i cant with my friends.. only solo gaming no chatting with friends... Its not a great game but also not a bad one although i'd like to complain about the matchmaking im just a newbie but i seem to always get paired up with pros please fid that and also i have a suggestion duos mode please. Its so glitchy i hate it lol.

Infinite tutorial loop. Please fix this devs. The game looks promising. I want to play it.. please fix the server connection..i keep losing my trophies even im not in the game yet..reconnecting is equals to losing trophies..what a waste of time... This game is great but I gave 2stars cuz it takes too much time to join game I think it has some kind of bug in the game And mostly I need to restart the game then try joining again and if lucky I just need to restart it 1 time. But mostly, it'll took several restart of the game before I can play it. And also, there no cancel matchmaking button. It'll be much convenient if there is one because when it bugs, we can just cancel and go to battle again. Not restart the game. Please improve.(5stars). Good game thats is the game beautiful. When the game does not load during waiting time, I am forced to reset the app since there is no "back" button. Ny scores are then subtracted. It's unfair. I have not even stepped into the game..

Please update the game always log. Uh-huh 4th n egg.. i was lagging in every building i checked my wifi and it was a strong connection and when i try to play again im still stuck i wouldnt recomend this for people who dont like lags!. i dont care what there saying its nice game. If I move it's stuck not in practice I move fine in the battle I can't move.

Nice. I love this game but this game gets more glitchy and this game is so much buggy and can you pls fix it I wanna play the game so well so bad!!!!. Maybe delete this game? Its lagging everytime and even in the practice. Ilove this game its so beautyful game... And i have a 5 star for you (villains). its so cool i like it good game.

this game is great! but it's boring as well I keep getting killed I want a powerful robot but I just suck but I recommended you should play this it's awesome. Love the fact that you're replying to all the reviews. I installed the game but did not play it yet. If there are some issues, Ill just report it to you and ill continue supporting the game. Giving you 5 star cause you deserve it.. Add more features to the game. Like other maps, game mode (capture the flag). I can't get out of tutorial. It keeps on saying that there's an error and I keep on repeating. I thought the game was cool and it's concept that's why I downloaded it. Too bad. Para sakin maganda to.

the game is pretty good but it could be better. I gave it 3 stars beacuse I can't play the game I tried so many times but I can't join the battle, I even restarted the game but it just won't start. Hope you fixed it.. Unbalanced game play. Is like brawl tooooooo. Love story Be hahhaahahhahajjahahahahahahhahahahahahahahabahahahahhahahahabehahahahahahbehahahtaposhahahhahahahayonhahahahtaposnahahahahahha. Can you fix this myn is logging .

Laggy game. Do not install this game.its stuck in the repeat and repeat.. There are lots of improvement to do like glitches my character going back and forth, the game stops while I'm playing, and etc.. The game is good. Im gonna change my ratings if the problems will be fix.. i love this game. bubu sabi nila ofdline pala onlline.

I rate it one start because i can't even play!... after i finished the tutorial it always says error!!!.. please fix it please. Good game like ML. it's a good game but i think, it's need a optimizer because it's lagging even your wifi is to high. Its really not working at all i cant even press touch because my phone is androind i dont know how...please help?... good game but there's a bug when i finish a game it's always error result plz fix it . i hate d bug so i decide to delete the game n find a game same to this ..

keeps lagging and glitching fix this game. nice game. know wonder this game has less 5 stars and I'm starting to get annoyed on trying to get a marine and open box to get WHAT a guardian oh so fun it's not worst game in the universe. Because Its Amazing. Nice game.

i like it no i love it it is very good the graphics are awsome the controls are not that hard but not gonna lie its hard to earn coins but not that hard like average but its a very good game indeed. Offline or Online?. I think there's a bug... I uninstall it and install it again but it still do that.. My problem is when I finished my tutorial it says that "error=unknown error" then when I retry it, it's the same thing .. I retry it almost 20 times and its not working.. So I'm giving it a 3 stars.... its a good game but so lag, and yet it move itself cant control, so many bug, make sure everything alright before you launch the game. Idk why but i hav to rate it so yeah its a nice game or whatev but i had to SAY! its a really nice game when i saw the ad i was like: OMG I HAD TO HAV THIS COOL GAME! the next day i saw some bugs when i was playing and BAAM! I was glitching SOOOO badd...... BUT its still a very very nice and creative game. Keep it up! I like your games!!!!! .

I just finished tutorial, but It says Result code error and it brings me back to choosing what machine I want. So I dont know what to rate rn. Update: I rate 4/5 now because it works just fine when I am connected on wifi, but when I use may mobile data it keeps showing the same error.. Lagging...... Keep up the good work im still waiting for some new updates this game is the best why its so much fun this game inspire me to create my own game but im still working on it. i can't get past the tutorial.. it always says "code error" then i have to start the tutorial again n again.. nice game though.. i love the gameplay... Tangina gumawa dito.

Cant play offline mode Pls all need can play offlinw mode now. [ resultCode=UnknownError ] would've been great IF IT WASN'T STUCK WITH AN ERROR ON THE TUTORIAL. It just ends with an error which forces the player to keep repeating the tutorial. Wasn't properly checked prior to release. Shame. Edit: To answer the question - it didnt kick me out. just kept restarting the tutorial. once I stood on top of the circle after killing the "boss" mob everything stops and error pops up and starts the tutorial all over again and again... and yes! again.. Like This Game But it needs more villains,maps,robots and skills I Hope this Game Will Go On. T Dale is there any way to do it in the time of day to you too love pink and I will get a good all week so I have a bossy the same as last time to get a good time to do wy. this game make my children angry so i am giving this one star because it is very lag i am uninstalling this game from my children's phone!!! do not install this game.

Its supper good and this really made my day its like ml and lol but can you put some farms aroung it like lifesteal. Thank you. Yeah. huhhh. This is online or offline. I like the graphics and the characters is cool I love the game this app is my favorite download it now ..

Want to try it. its the badesst game ever but its only bad for me. more marks if its an offline game less when its online. Excuse me is this a online game . good this.

Bro it's so laggy while I play I can't even move. I love to play this game its so cool. Best game i've ever play. I can't play it on Android when I click on play did not work pls fix this!. good but uplayable, lags too much.

Laging laging boo boo boo boo. Always error. Always unknown erro please fix the game. It's literally a copy of Zooba which is aa copy of Brawl Stars (or you copied Brawl Stars) _()_/.. Good game still not much since it's quit new hope to see some awesome features in the future.

This game is chosen by the gods Thank you ad QwQ. Waw dis game is soper new dis is sow fanyy game. THIS GAME IS SUPER AWESOME! . Nice game.. This game is so very fun!.

This game is not too bad its pretty good its pretty laggy tho but its still good keep the updates and other stuff up. sp laggy but its good keep it ut thank you. Nice Game. So good and amazing . Played for about 2 hours. Very laggy experience, character was just teleporting all around. Gameplay was good but could get boring after awhile as there's only 1 mode..

Fun. It's very my style and it's very fun. It sucks its so laggy. A ripoff of zooba i hate it. The best game in the wold.

The thing about this game is that when I'm in a match it straight up kicks me out like WHAT. Well, this is a COPY of ZOOBA, almost every things the same as ZOOBA, but, it's super fun so great job keep it up!! . Very laggy but over all it's good.

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