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Virtual Truck Manager 2 Tycoon is not simply an airport, railroad, or seaport tycoon recreation. Inside the hobby, you can get various experiences, dealing with a small to-firm truck agency as successfully answerable for metropolis development. It would be best if you got entangled in this hire truck recreation and pondered rigorously all the plans you make. Buy extreme performances truck, and hire expert mechanics and drivers. Within the occasion, your objective is to get all the truck logistics talents and must develop into a truck tycoon and CEO of a firm, so you will positively like this recreation.

Virtual Truck Manager 2 Tycoon Mod APK 1.0.36 (Unlimited Money)

I love this game. It's a lot of fun to play.. good game. Great game. This game is abandoned. Additional features have been promised since the game's release, but there has been ZERO updates for it (except to work with Snow Cone). They'll still gladly take your money, though. Very poor business practice, IMHO.. Slow and steady start but it gets going eventually... close to realism. Super.

Fun game and challenging. Got to spend correctly if not your fold your company haha. It's a great game. i like it. Fun as the first one.. Good game it makes time fly fast.

Would like to see statistics matter. Lots of data for loads that have no obvious consequences. Load weight, pallet count, cubic capacity does not have any impact on pick up. What is the need to upgrade Truck and Trailer. Trailer type seem to be only barrier to gain loads. Also need a way to have multiple HQ. Discouraging to finish a contract in Los Angeles only to have to travel to Atlanta for maintenance. And Should be able schedule maintenance early. Having to wait to deadline doesn't work.. Slow start. Good. . Delete.

Nice game for time pass.i like it. Loved the game but 20 dollars a month to actually have a realistic management experience in a game that is supposed to be a management tycoon game is ridiculous I got to the point of having 500 trailers 150 trucks and 300 drivers just to quit because of the 20 a month required to actually run your trucks if you have money to spend this is an amazing game if you don't then be logging in every 2 hours to reset everything 1 by 1 and I am apart of the biggest partnership so I have a lot of play time. Pay to Play. Little long. Not alot to do in the beginning, ut it ramps up pretty quick if you do it right.. wish you could skip some of the road time but overall great game.

Wish it had better instructions, but it not a bad way to waste some time. Good game. Good game. Very fun just wish faster to Make money. Cool.

Horrible I couldn't do anything at all just freezes all the time. The game delivery time is too long. So because of the long time to deliver goods makes the game not interesting. Even to buy more money makes to not to good.. This game is good and I don't regret by downloading it please bring us more games to download. Great game. I like the concept but it seems like it is taking forever to really get anything.

Pretty good game if you like trucks and you like to manage them.. Abandonned game. Some features are premium and therefore cost money while they should be free. The game is about managing a huge fleet of trucks and the "premium table" that makes it easier to do the task, you have to pay for it. That doesn't make sense. They already sell everything else.. Don't sell core features... Other than this, without help off other players, you will struggle to grow and probably quit. Everything is designed to make you pay.. Very great game almost like the real thing almost. Very nice game. Slow at first but it gets better.

Love it. I LIKE IT. Takes too long to make money ok otherwise. need more option in UI.... It's really enjoyable game..

So far so good not a fan of the cost though. Good game and very fun.. Im doing this for the vtp. Average. It's ok it takes a long time 2 b able 2 buy anything but it's good.

Fun. Love the game, I work in logistics so it fun to manage your on trucking business. I just wish the fonts were larger hard to read the small print and wish you could enlarge the map also to read better.. The licence plate is not working. I think it's good the way it looks like. I had the worst experience with this Game. So hard to even create a registration plate. SO ANNOYIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGGGAAAAAAH.

I just rated this game just to get VTP whatever they are. cool game. So far so good. Dont download this complete t#rd. No updates, hundreds of bugs that are caried from the launch of the game, verry verry slow , you watch videos only to find out that nothing hapend, complete absolute s# it !. great game.

Great game. Really best. excellent game very addictive although journeys could be speeded up a bit. Not a bad little game to play with. Very hard to make a chain deliveries. In transportation tab they are all cargo types mixed. Would be better if there was some option to choose better way. If Sorting were just a tiny bit better....

other than it being hard to earn vtp good game. Caution: This game is a huge time waste!. Fun, but slos to make money. It's a pretty cool game and not a pay to win type game so over all pretty good and is pretty realistic. Le game incono.

Not a bad game. A little tricky at first, but easy enough to play.. Expensive game. Not user friendly at all! Great game concept, horrid execution. Needs cleaned up a lot.. I'm learning. I like it. game tasks to long, benefits and perks too expensive.

Great game. Real enjoyable game. Brilliant. Nice. .

Love it. Great game but money and the miles you have go is verh long. Can be start with more automatic. I'm tired changed the driver. When i go into my game Save i have to restart cause it didnt Save... The instructions barely helped.. Hh.

IT WONT EVEM LET ME GET INTO THE GAME. Love it. Love it, fun!. Great game. It's a cool game just hate how slow the trucks move and everything moves slow.

Tons of fun. Great game!. This game is fun I'm learning a lot about it every time I play it.... Great challenge and more realistic than most simulation games. Keep up the good work! Thank you.. The game is very fun and is fairly easy to "beat". The game offers many exciting features and things to do so I highly recommend you download and explore, and the quality of the game overall deserves my 5 stars. The problem is updates. We recieve updates once every 1-2 years, with tiny updates such as bug fixes. This is a step up from VTM1, but the developers put the game on "pause", while they work on another racing game. So overall great game, but we need more updates!.

Good game. We need service according to km and not per day because how if my truck doesn't go anywhere how can I service this please fix this. It's a good game thier is not much ads which I'm happy about I will recommend this game to people.. Good game. Really fun and entertaining.

Ok. I don't understand what ppl say that it's too hard. I've been playing for 6 months and I'm on 2 leader boards. I don't pay to play, yet I have millions of dollars. I only have 112 trucks because I'm too impatient to load/unload more than that. I think it's a great game.*** Can't give >1 star. Installed update, then game froze. Closed app, phone froze, cut power. Restart phone, SD card corrupted. LOST pics of the grandkids. This app can suck a big fat greasy turd out of my butthole.. this game is realy fun but in a partnership is when it gets better but when you in partnership you might get kicked cause it takes forever for partnership loads to finish. Good game. Takes a lot of time to advance In the game though. slow to start, hard to make coin early on, stick with it, its addictive.

Takes forever to play.. Other than move slow and hard to earn vsp point, it is a great game and teaches you how to run a business. Great. More you play quicker it gets. Love the first one and love this one too would like to see a merger between the two tho so we don't have to start at the bottom again... Was just wondering if the expansions are ever going to be added into the game.

Excellent!!!. hard to get money you must use your own money to get money and trucks drive long you have to wait long hours gets bored after time. Good idea, but routes takes damn long, the routes take almost as long as in real life. Be ready to set up a route and come back in 12 hrs and still not be done. Not good for our generation of short-term attention span.. Slow start but play it smart then it gets easier. Very interesting.

Fun. The game on my phone right now. This game had long wait times from the start and I could not even log back in with the user name and password. Your not a bank or anything special no one needs you to be supersecure with you game info.. The best game for eveeerrrr. Fun and fun.

Amazing. Not an easy game to set up. Not a tutorial to really help. Just wasn't a good experience for me. Nice Game. Needs more help spots for all the different things you can do.. Won't let me recover my password. And I'm not starting over..

Very slow starting. Its a good game, just don't expect to to move quickly in levels or building.. Like it, game is just like orginal game. Great. I like it. Good.

Good game to start then get more trucks and can no longer put drivers in. Great game its a grind and love the challenge. I think the game is amazing and there are so many types of trucks and I love the worker transport mini game keep up the good work. The only error is that the Kenworth T660 is actually a T600.. fun game slow in the beginning but once you get money its fun. Good game just a slow start.

This app is amazon yes. I want open it, it's not open its requested for password,which I did is not done. Awesome game thanks. Just as good as the first one. Y'all added ads we can watch for a bonus after delivering each load. Thank you! It's a big help. Game isn't worth playing unless you constantly spend money. Avoid if you want a good free game..

You have to login I don't want to login to just play a game I just sound stupid so imma give this a zero but I can't give it a zero someone just give it like this but I don't like this game it's boring after login if it sounds stupid why do you have to login to just play a game.. Foarte Tare frate . Good so far but my game keeps turning off. Disappointing because I've already spent $50+ on the game. Could do with customer support that responds to questions asked, I'm still waiting for any kind of response, the game is also really hard to play from a mobile especially when trying to read instructions, they are that small it's almost impossible to see let or known read, I haven't progressed far in the game due to a lack of help and support. The map could also be made easier read and search states and suburbs to everyone in the world knows every states and suburbs Making profit is really hard. fun game.

Love it. Love this game it's so easy and time killing thanks a lot devs. Waiting for VTRM3. Its ok. If you are looking into accounting or management this game is a great tool to study.. Cool game for morning bathroom time at a truck stop.

Needs more ways to get vtp. Great game maby the best just a little to much on the pay to win side but i still would recommend this game. Good game. Seems like a good game, very slow progression, real-time travel length, and have to check into the game every couple of hours, otherwise progress is non existent..

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