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Do you know who vloggers are? This is a very popular profession among teenagers from 14 to 19 years old. They do what they say about everything that catches their eye and get paid if people are interested. If you heard your child or friend sitting in his room and repeating the same meaningless monologue for the hundredth time, brace yourself, because the probability that he is learning the role for the play is only a few percent.

List of Redeem CodesExpiration date
IHQGL4PKO0BAugust 25, 2022
4W5IMO7DU9August 25, 2022
OD4YG0T5MJuly 10, 2022
OX9Y1HWFQAVJuly 9, 2022
Z2L80DP7KU9VJuly 22, 2022
RJPW3XN1KQBAugust 22, 2022

So, the game Vlogger Go Viral – Clicker invites you to try yourself as a vlogger. And you will have to start from the very beginning – with a thought. Develop this thought, give it the right direction and move on to action. First you need to transform your room, and make it a little more like a studio. Next, you will need at least some video equipment. Made? Great, let’s move on to recording videos, which are actually the main source of income. Remember to communicate with your fans, who will not stay with you if you do not listen to them. Establish and develop a video release system. Earn money by watching your channel and gradually improve your studio, buy new equipment and gain momentum.

The developers have picked up for you not a frail set of blogger tools. A lot of interesting lotions to create a really interesting video blog. Choose topics for videos based on the requests of your fans, and guided by the proposed list.

Wage a holy Internet war, call on the help of reposters of light and together with them survive competitors from the Internet.

Download ( V2.43.7 )
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