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One year after announcement Victoria 3 the authors have already published 45 development diaries! The most recent of them is dedicated to elections. Below are the main details.

Voting right

Elections are held under the following laws of separation of powers:

  • The right to vote of landowners.
    • Aristocrats, Capitalists, Priests and Officers have almost complete control over elections and receive a huge bonus to political power which is given to political groups.

  • The voting rights of the rich.
    • The right to vote is granted upon reaching a certain level of wealth.

    • The population allowed to vote has more political power.

  • Voting rights based on income.
    • The required level of wealth is much lower than under the law above.

    • A literate population transfers much more political power to interest groups.

  • Universal right to vote.
    • There are no restrictions on the level of wealth.

    • The type of population and its literacy do not give additional political power.

    • The wealth of individual groups increases their political strength.

    • Literacy increases political activity.

All these laws are compatible with any laws of the category of principles of government.

Factors prohibiting voting

  • Discrimination – A discriminated population cannot take part in elections.

  • Non-included areas – only the population of the included areas has the right to vote.

  • Politically inactive population.

Suffragette movement

  • The adoption of a law on the right to vote for women will significantly increase both the percentage of the working population and the percentage of voting dependents.

  • After studying political agitation, the suffragette movement gains full strength – an entry about the right to vote for women appears in the magazine and events are triggered to develop or ignore / suppress this movement.


  • Elections are held every four years in countries that have relevant laws.

  • The election campaign starts six months before the election.

  • Each political party is assigned a dynamic value at the beginning of the campaign. It shows the success of the campaign and determines the number of votes they will receive on Election Day.

  • During the campaign, the dynamics for each party change and affect the final result.

  • At the end of the campaign and voting, the results are fixed until the next election.

Next week, the developers will talk more about the political party system.

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