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As one of the largest online platforms for interaction within virtual reality, VR Chat provides players with ample opportunities to express their creativity. By creating their own universes, avatars can fill them with friends by inviting them to participate in various game events. At the same time, the application works both in VR mode and in the usual desktop version.

How to create an avatar

The gameplay begins with character creation. Both original characters and already known models familiar to users from other game franchises act as avatar in VRChat. Since the catalog of heroes is bundled with the common software, avatar owners don’t have to worry about the character they have chosen not loading. After completing the creation of the hero, the player must settle him in an already existing world or design his own.

Features of the game world

Build Mode invites users to build their own sets of items that are suitable for them, with which players can realize any creative idea. To create a new universe, the account owner must have experience with the SDK, as well as the ability to customize it. If the player has not done anything like this before, he can easily learn this from various guides from the Internet.

A feature of VR Chat is the difference between the characters according to the level of trust. Basically, all new avatars get a Visitor rank, which then changes to New User, User, and so on until the player reaches the Friend rank. At the moment, this is the highest level of trust, allowing access to all the features of the application. To increase the rank, the avatar must spend a certain amount of time in the chat.

Servers and invitations

To start communicating with other users, the player needs to go to any of the open servers. All of them are in English, but nothing prevents the avatars from communicating in Russian. Also, players from the same country can create a new server by inviting friends to it using a special link. After receiving an invitation, another avatar can visit the VR Chat worlds, chat with characters or take part in a mini-competition.

Analogues for Android

To date, VRChat is under development, so it cannot be downloaded to a phone. As a replacement, users can install a similar application: Virtual Droid 2.

Virtual Droid 2

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