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Genshin Impact is still incredibly popular and constantly evolving. Not so long ago we wrote about the biggest update, and now the developers launched update 3.2 in November, which also brought a lot of interesting and important things.

I’m talking about it in more detail, and at the same time I’m checking how such a big and beautiful game works in the VK Play Cloud — for me, with a not the most powerful laptop, this is interesting and relevant.

Give this goddess an Oscar!

The presence of cute anime girls is one of the main components of Genshin Impact’s success. Mona, Raiden, Eola, Amber, Rosary, Noelle, Ke Qing – everyone has their own favorites.

In update 3.2, two heroines were added to this list. This is the five-star Nahida, the archon of Dendro, that is, in fact, the goddess who rules the Sumeru region. The peculiarity of Nahida is that she can deal damage even when inactive. To do this, the green-eyed goddess, armed with a catalyst, binds up to eight enemies with a skandha seed – and then, if they receive damage from elemental reactions, Nahida will automatically add nuts to them. The second talent creates the Sanctuary of Maya, which gives the girl buffs depending on which characters are in the squad.

Nahida uses her skills very effectively.

Nahida uses her skills very effectively.

In the game, as usual, you can conduct a test run with a new heroine – and immediately notice how funny Nahida jumps on some green platforms to attack enemies.

The second debutante is the blue-haired and slightly sad Layla. Her tired appearance is explained by the fact that the girl suffers from chronic lack of sleep and even often sleepwalks. However, this does not prevent her from being useful in the detachment. Layla has four rarity stars, a sword and two talents that use the element of Cryo.

Using one of her talents, she creates stars that, under certain conditions, turn into meteors and attack opponents. Although in general its main role is to defend the squad with a shield that absorbs damage. I must say that all these intricate and vivid effects from skills are reproduced perfectly and without lags in VK Play Cloud.

Football and a little pain

Naturally, with the advent of the goddess Nahida, the “legends task” associated with her was added to the game. And most importantly, in update 3.2, the fifth act of the third chapter was opened, which completes the storyline related to the Sumeru region.

In addition, the authors have prepared some fun challenges and events. One of them, called “The Epic Battle of the Molds,” is somewhat reminiscent of “Pokemon.” First, with the help of a special capture skill, we catch those very molds (they are all different and run away from us in a state of alertness), then we prepare dishes for them that can reveal their potential. And finally, we command the molders in the battle, which consists of two stages – “Joint attack” (you can order to attack the selected target) and “Defense”.

And there’s a lot of fun in The Adventurer’s Challenge. In each of the competitions, we are given heroes by default. With their skills and attacks, we must first try out local football, driving monsters into the goal, and then play a kind of Tetris, destroying exploding stones that appear in the wall – for this we need to destroy the usual ones, thereby opening the passage to the necessary stones.

In the next test, we are already playing a sort of baseball – hitting the balls with our elemental skills. Finally, with the help of talents and skills, you need to move quickly and collect adventure coins.

However, all this is done for entertainment and “fan”. But many veterans of Genshin Impact have long complained about the lack of complex combat content. Say, developers are introducing squad emulation, which allows you to share your experience in creating an effective group, how we develop heroes, what artifacts we use – but why all this if the game does not pose a challenge in the later stages?

Part of the answer to this was the introduction in version 3.2 of the rather difficult weekly boss Scaramuccia (aka Shoki no Kami, a false deity) that awaits players in the Jeruri Workshop dungeon. The decisive battle with him consists of two phases. In the first one, we fight the upper half of this robotic boss, trying to accumulate energy and charge a special mechanism. And Scaramuccia, meanwhile, is trying to beat us with a huge hand, sprinkles with a rain of fragments, unleashes water tornadoes and even calls on lasers to attack us.

In the second phase, the boss appears in full, tries to trample us, arranging a real earthquake, and scatters bombs. Here the mechanism charged by us comes into play, capable of knocking the villain off his feet. At the same time, he has a 50% resistance to Electro damage – keep this in mind when selecting a squad before the battle. But in battles with the second boss (Dendro-hypostasis), on the contrary, you need to combine Electro and Dendro.

We fight with Shoki, but Kami.

We are ours, will we build a new Steam?

All this I could not see. The fact is that the release of each update increases the size of the game on the drive. And for me this is really a problem – the lack of this very place made me remove Genshin Impact some time ago. And then the offer to play in the “cloud” VK Play Cloud arrived in time.

In autumn, the Russian playground VK Play passed from the beta stage and launched fully. Now it is a hub not only for gamers, but also for developers, as well as for content authors. There is a marketplace of games with a constantly growing library (now there are about 13 thousand titles), cloud gaming, streaming, eSports, and its own gaming media. Moreover, VK Play holds esports tournaments. And in the developer’s office, you can upload game distributions and analyze user actions, including with regard to purchases and registrations.

For us, ordinary players, it is very convenient that there is a section with reviews by analogy with Steam. In general, many market analysts are sure that in the current difficult situation for Russian gamers, VK Play is just trying to occupy the niche of Steam and the Epic Games Store. We wrote about it. And the acquisition of exclusive rights to distribute the PC version of the action movie Atomic Heart in the CIS through VK Play speaks of the serious intentions of the service.

Now the site is actively developing and holding various promotions. So, recently on VK Play, the “Join the Game” section was launched with selections of both already presented and new games. And there are indeed many notable names. For example, the very Genshin Impact, ArcheAge, Lost Ark and the pre-order of the expected Atomic Heart, which is available exclusively on VK Play, got into the first selection. And among the games available in the “cloud” on the site there are Elden Ring, Dota 2, Warface, Fortnite, Tekken 7, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and, in general, any games from the Steam user library.

We also note thematic tasks-challenges that are related to the functions of the site – add five people as friends, leave a review about the game, fill in information in the profile, play five hours in three games of different genres, launch the game three days in a row and stuff like that.

Completing tasks, as usual, brings prizes – and these can be promotional codes for cloud gaming, and sticker gifts in VK Play, and unique “achievements”. In addition, those who complete the required number of challenges will compete for the main prize – VK Capsule with Marusya. And the welcome prize for registration – a promotional code for five hours of cloud gaming – just allows you to try the same VK Play Cloud. In the future, other prizes are also promised, as the section will be regularly updated with new collections and new games within existing collections. Follow the news!

“Cloud” without brakes

However, for me this is a lyric, whether this service will bypass Steam in Russia or not. Much more important, I repeat, is the ability to try Genshin Impact and the new patch in the “cloud”, without having to download a bunch of gigabytes to your exhausted hard drive. And in general, to be honest, I liked this first time.

The game launched quickly. The process of recovering the login and password in my leaky memory took more time (47 years after all, what do you want!). After that, almost immediately (before the process took much more time!) I plunged into this not new, but still the same marvelous and picturesque world, where there are many forests, fields, rivers, adventures and beautiful girls.

And immediately I was struck by how briskly my heroes run and fight with excellent picture quality – it seems that the game did not give out so many frames per second on my laptop before. Later, having studied the Genshin Impact profile in VK Play in more detail, I understood why: it says that the “hardware in the cloud” is NVIDIA GeForce RTX T10 (a professional card for designers), which provides ray tracing, up to 120 fps and a picture up to 4K . For me, all this outside the “cloud” remains a dream.

Particularly pleased with how quickly the character moves through locations through teleports. There have been cases in the past when I failed missions for a while simply because the game was loading resources quite slowly when teleporting. Once in the right place, I found that the time was up. And in the “cloud” teleportation, so unloved by Geralt of Rivia, occurs almost instantly.

Yes, there were occasional freezes, especially when trying to record a GIF. But here, rather, you need to look for problems on my side. Even at the loading stage, I was persistently reminded in hints that background downloading of files and watching videos on sites could affect the quality of the game (and I just didn’t turn off the browser), that it’s better to use not Wi-Fi, but a wired connection. Directly during the passage, messages periodically popped up that data packet losses were noticed on my side. After the release, they give out detailed statistics on the quality of the session.

But such freezes were of a single nature and did not affect the overall impression of the game in the “cloud”. I even specifically tried playing the aforementioned Adventurer’s Trials in co-op – playing local football and Tetris together is much more fun. Moreover, upon request, he let a player from the list of friends into his world, who turned out to be German – for about an hour we cheerfully, without a single problem, ran around the locations, helped each other and even managed to discuss the latest news in broken English.

   With English, both of us are so-so, yes.

With English, both of us are so-so, yes.

In any case, whether you play in the cloud or not, the Genshin Impact update leaves a good impression. The storyline is moving, new heroines and bosses appear, new adventures and trials are introduced, complex, funny and non-trivial, in which the authors, to their credit, show miracles of fantasy. In addition, the developers allowed players to create personal worlds in the style of Sumeru, made many fixes and improvements. It remains to be hoped that the development of Genshin Impact will not end there – I want new plots, characters, plots and really difficult tests.

Join the game on VK Play!

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