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The multiplayer game War Dragons combines several genres at the same time: strategy, action and, to some extent, a shooter. To defeat strong opponents, you first need to assemble your own team of unique dragons. Take a closer look at these monsters and think – which of them could you take into your army of dragons? There are over 100 types of them in War Dragons. There is also the strongest among them – it is with him that a serious fight lies ahead, since he is not among friends and associates. This monster appears on the battlefield only as your opponent.

List of Promo CodesExpiration date
17R0O6YCHMUAugust 28, 2022
RMWF6I2XTZSeptember 22, 2022
1CTQHGL93August 17, 2022
J09PBS2FHWVAugust 7, 2022
3ZRDSVC12ILAAugust 12, 2022
JI2Z7HFG1VYSeptember 11, 2022

Your role in the game is to be the master of the dragons. Join forces with other dragon lords and become the most powerful guild against your enemies! You can communicate with your friends in real time and coordinate and coordinate joint combat missions and strategies accordingly.

Do not forget about the construction of fortress towers, where your army will be protected from enemy attacks. With the help of such an impregnable fortress, you will be able not only to successfully repel enemy attacks, but also to attack yourself. Skillfully use lightning towers, ballista and archer towers.

In addition, you have the opportunity to participate every week in the treasure hunt, where you will get a unique chance to win rewards in the form of rare dragon eggs. Collect in-game money and rewards in order to rise to the very top as quickly as possible and rightfully take the throne of the best dragon lord!

Download ( V7.10+gn )
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