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War Eternal is a medieval confrontation between kings and ancient warriors. Here the user will learn a lot of interesting things from history and will be able to use realistic weapons.

War Eternal
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IMK5N0C31B9 November 10, 2022
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WL6CX2JQDT3 November 15, 2022
39VPJX2L58E November 17, 2022
YM7KOJRCWE October 30, 2022
O5MWPYUFA November 22, 2022
WXD9B3576ZR October 26, 2022
WKR6M1GET3VF November 7, 2022
JDQ4RV8XUK7 October 11, 2022

In medieval wars, cunning and courage were reputed, only warriors with these selfish character traits can win battles. Train new soldiers, give them realistic weapons and equipment, and then go to war. Come up with a cunning strategy to defeat your opponents and bring your kingdom to prosperity. Immediately after the launch of War Eternal, the user will have a choice between three cultures, of which only one can be followed by a hero. About a hundred legendary heroes are already ready to rush into battle, and the player is entrusted to manage and command them. Take advantage of the endless possibilities and continue this entertainment. You have not yet heard of such stories that you will learn in this medieval saga. Features of War Eternal

  • Medieval world of adventure;
  • More than 100 legendary heroes;
  • Several of the greatest cultural trends;
  • Become a diplomat and a warrior at the same time;
  • Huge world to explore.

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