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War in Pocket is a strategy MMO for players from all over the world to connect in real time and try to unleash the most intense and exciting war.

War in Pocket
 Gift Codes (2023 January) 1.19
All Codes Expiration date
NE2R1X8UT6L January 29, 2023
7PCG4ZUOJK January 22, 2023
MIBCL0GOA January 31, 2023
BHUIQMVXJYN January 6, 2023
RLP093VETC5J January 7, 2023
RJMCK863BDZ January 23, 2023
3Z9D71LKNIX January 31, 2023
TGPQ821HEF January 22, 2023
L6WORZ2MH February 5, 2023
2KO85FZ1LDM December 29, 2022
8TZQ423NCJAL February 21, 2023
H98IQENSTL7 February 21, 2023

Experience the tension of participating in the Second World War, where you have to save your country with the help of weapons and strategy. Try to build a large-scale base with your own hands and manage it to capture all the territories and free your homeland from the oppression of tyrants. Collect mobilization and a large number of soldiers who can harm and damage enemies. Come up with your ideal tactical scheme and achieve an advantage. Tanks, soldiers and a bunch of other units are available to continue the military operation. Take advantage of an additional set of bonuses in War in Pocket and win. For example, it will be possible to use bombardment or cover everything with a foggy harmful veil. Game Features

  • Eight categories of soldiers and about five dozen generals;
  • The mass of types of uniforms and weapons;
  • Freedom to use strategy;
  • Communication via in-game chat;
  • Battles in real time;
  • Alliance wars and managing your own;
  • Urban planning opportunities and strengthening of protection.

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