Codes New - Updated on January 9, 2023

War Paradise: Lost Z Empire is a massive mobile strategy game in which you can become a legendary commander in a bloody battle for the throne. Create a survival base on a mysterious tropical island populated by zombies. Train units to hunt monsters, research new technologies and improve the economy to strengthen the defense of the settlement and increase the power of the army. Hire great heroes and defeat opponents, getting unique rewards and developing your base.

War Paradise: Lost Z Empire
 Codes (2023 January) 0.1.07
All Codes Expiration date
QDX9WVHSC4O February 12, 2023
TN6DFSMX8J February 19, 2023
5L19SZQJB January 14, 2023
SWMPC03JE17 February 18, 2023
64G1FJL7H2YN January 31, 2023
1LHFMQYDNUZ January 16, 2023
Z25AMLGNUKW March 1, 2023
MAGSHX679F February 4, 2023
1CR6VWMGP February 19, 2023
57V6WGMJZ84 January 10, 2023
6XBUGZC9W2RO March 6, 2023
X42RW5IBNVL February 8, 2023

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