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War Robots is to be in a world full of large-scale battles of robotic equipment. In this game, stunning battles await you in an atmosphere of team spirit. Gather into powerful teams of six robots and fight other cyborgs in the multiplayer game mode. Drive and adrenaline from the fights taking place in this epic environment awaits you. Become one of the iron warriors and conquer the planet with your strength and power. Start the coolest adventure led by a huge team of cyborgs. This is probably the first time that smartphone users have been able to download War Robots for Android. The fact is that this is the most exciting and cool shooter that takes place in multiplayer mode. Here the player will participate in large-scale battles right on the destroyed land against fantastic robots. All of them are representatives of the world of the future, when people can no longer control machines. But when people got bored of fighting, the robots began their own global battle. The game received a huge number of positive features and chic moments. All equipment, robots and locations are made in very high quality 3D graphics.

War Robots
 Discount Codes 2022 October 8.5.1
All Codes Expiration date
4WQML1AN8RO November 17, 2022
QM7DJ81FU6 November 23, 2022
9KULEQ72W November 19, 2022
2QZAB8J5TOC December 2, 2022
7QS9CGM1BI8W November 7, 2022
WQGFUEP8ZIK December 20, 2022
5G1OHSNVLJR December 14, 2022
PEGBMWD6H2 November 4, 2022
ZK34FAIQV November 11, 2022
T7LXF36Z1NW December 1, 2022
GSMO1LRFNXQ2 November 18, 2022
PWNM0AXER1J December 21, 2022

Playing in such an environment, you really want to feel like one of these giants of the world of the future. Each player will have access to about 28 types of various giant robots. Each of them is stuffed with weapons and has individual abilities. The player will be able to independently equip his giant with weapons. To do this, there are more than twenty types of guns, lasers and explosives. Make a killer robot out of your combat vehicle. None of the opponents should resist his power, and the team will be glad to have such a member in their team.

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