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Battle Z & Puzzles is an authentic RPG Zombie recreation combining Roguelike and match-3 puzzles. It is good to rebuild and develop your shelter, recruit and observe utterly different heroes to defeat zombies, and then try to survive on this wasteland! Chances are you’ll find administration heroes by matching three gadgets. And new buffs are perhaps chosen when beating a wave of zombies. Profit from the fascinating recreation experience of varied stopping sorts!

War Z & Puzzles Mod APK 1.6.5 (Unlimited Money)

This game is awesome and good. I started out really liking this game. However, the developers started making updates to the game that negatively affected other aspects of gameplay. Their last update made it impossible to fully level up new survivors. It has been several months and nothing has been done to correct it. I contacted "customer support" and they never responded. I fear they may have abandoned this game. P.S. The November 9 "update" did absolutely nothing to address the several significant issues with this game.. No support. Features not working. Developer abandoning game like Zombies and Puzzles.. So far, so good. I'm not quite ready to give it 5 only because I'm still getting a feel for the dynamics of the game. I'm having fun with it though.. this is so cool if you're not playing this game you definitely need to. You have to watch ads for most things. Really annoying. I don't want to watch ads and not to get to playing the actual game..

Good game but why is this the same exact game as zombie and puzzles that you guys made??? I discovered this game first and noticed that game too. This game community on here is just so small wish it was bigger even tho i know its not your gus fault. Also what kills me is i cant play it on another device. That really sucks and gave this a major blow!!. Level 4 and greater the enemy takes very little damage making it impossible to win. The 1st 3 levels were easy to win.. The game seems abandoned by the developers. Check out the offical discord before you download it and you wont.. How am I suppose to max out rage skill now with this new update. Absolutely loving this game until the latest update.What were you thinking please go back to the old way of levelling up so I can love it again..

Every "update" finds new ways to ruin the game. I'm giving devs a week or so to fix this latest disaster that severely slows down leveling, but good job taking me from a 5 star reviewing daily player to a 2 star.. Now with new updates you are stuck with the ones you don't want and can't merge them or the power ones. I have 6 of same hero now and not able to merge them game not worth playing now. one of the best puzzle games I've ever played. Ok I think it is fixed it seams to be working fine I also like how they reduced the time on the training camps I just wish the Helicopter wasn't so slow and more efficient but kinda sucks to see people leaving the game we had some really good srong members in our Alliance but what can you do really.. it's a great game. The reason I put 5 stars is because it takes time to fully upgrade..

so far it's okay,puzzle in beginning is to much,I'd like to work on my empire more then wasting time of nothing but puzzles.. Game drops connection. If at end of level you lose all rewards or in quest. Reporting issues does no good. Don't waste your time or phone space downloading this game. I like the way they changed it little bit more action little bit more better graphics. it's easy and loads of fun. it's not original but it is a good one for the one game that uses other games of such types.

i love it its very neat and a good looking game unlike most of the others its abit wierd how there are two versions warz and zombies well try not to get confused which one our accounts on? I'll probably play this with puzzle combat.. this is a pretty good match 3 rpg since I have been playing a short time I will re review in the near future! developers keep it coming!. it's a great game to play. its just another copy/past no communication and their discord just got deleted for no reason highly illegal things going on if the discord got deleted. It's basically a remake of puzzle combat..

War z g puzzles rate this app. seems like a really good game so far ,just started playing, but have alot to learn. It looks cooler than it is. More for the kids i think.. It seems f2p and is great fun. It is a good game for the type that it is. I uninstalled it because it makes you watch so many ads for free claims, recruiting heroes and to spin a wheel that tries to decieves you into thinking it is about to land on the big jackpot but just barely misses it. I get the ads but the problem is only about 1 in 6 will actually play all the way through so you can get the reward. The other times, they make it about halfway (in a few cases it made it almost to the end) and then freezes and closes out..

This game is addictive. By far one of the best games I play. Another empire game! And no freedom choices.... So far so good! seems like you might have to put some cash in to be good but what game isn't like that these days. I will say you get what you pay for!. GOOD PUZZLE COMBAT GAME GOOD TIME KILLER I LIKE PLAYING IT. I love tgis game one of tge best ever.

Great puzzle mixed with fun theme. Not too much building and fun characters so far. Only been playing about a week..

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