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Dedicated to all fans of strategies – “Warfare Nations”. An exciting game, the action of which is tied to military operations, battles and epic battles. It is worth noting that she is not one of the typical representatives of shooters, but really requires reflection and making plans.

List of CodesExpiration date
V8JA369QEU4September 6, 2022
2DLE9ZKMOGSeptember 26, 2022
1NLPXKHY8August 31, 2022
67MLKFO1REWAugust 25, 2022
8TJNEFH2RO13August 9, 2022
X59ZGTRODVKAugust 24, 2022

The game has a certain plot that makes its passage more interesting.

So, the actions of the Second World War are unfolding around. You have to become an active participant in the famous battles, which ones you choose. You can take control of any troops. Become a real leader, learn to manage your people and win!

Of course, the game has the ability to “rewrite” history: the battles you know do not have to end the way it really happened.

If the story is not enough for you, then here is a list of other positive aspects of “Warfare Nations”:

• Huge selection of weapons and military vehicles: represented by 50 base units;

• Variety of locations, places and opponents;

• Ability to play with real people.

35 different battlefields are waiting for you, fight powerful armies and liberate European countries from the oppression of the Nazis. Fight to the last! However, remember that the main war takes place not on the battlefield, but in the heads of the leaders: do not forget about planning reliable strategies and sure traps.

Download ( V1.9.0 )
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