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Warpath Ace Shooter is as quickly as soon as extra required inside the fight in the direction of Raven’s tyranny. Your mission: To strike on the very coronary heart of Raven. You may fight thrilling battles on the underside and inside the air. Equipped with an arsenal of highly efficient trendy weapons, you will infiltrate deep behind enemy traces to ambush targets where they least anticipate it. You may develop into the embodiment of “demise from afar”: selecting your spots, preparing on the excellent second, then pulling the set off. With your help, we will now have the flexibility to complete Raven’s plans for good.

Warpath Ace Shooter Mod APK 6.20.41 (Unlimited Money)

Recommend this game it's very good overall the ads are kinda fake with the power. what a cool and fun game. lov3 it. Nobody joined me alliance and I got attacked every single day I'm tired of being attacked and Nobody joining me alliance ):. this is the best game ever I have keep it up . Game sucks! You build you base to be destroyed by players higher ranked than you are. Why can you get attacked while not on line? I can't stay on line 24/7. Played other games just like this, and ev ery time I delete it. Bye.. It look like a shooter but after two scenes it goes into same old flat boring build base.

Played for a while and the advertising in the videos is like 1 percent of the game, Based on strategy game, build your fort, collect items, and go fight all on an overhead view, is 99% of the game, so false advertising, got bored with it after 4 months of playing it, I gave it a shot, spent money on the game nothing changed. Game play was the same. It used to be a real good game. But for some reason it was forced off my home screen. I could not put it on any of screens. Uninstalled to try to fix. Now I have to start all over again from the beginning after 2 years of being on it? No thank you. Worked real hard on building a base and now it's just gone and the whole game is set up differently.. Warpath used to be an awesome game. I used to play it every day. But what the developers have now is horrorific, it's a P2W cult with premium players getting modern units and smashing F2P players. What happened to the old Warpath? Bring it back, please!. Best game with good graphics. Deserves a 5star. Work on the upgrading of stages amd officers make it easier.. Game is so pay to win now it sucks. I've invested money myself into it but it's getting ridiculous now. I get it. It's a free game and you guys have to earn money and stuff which is fine but letting the money control the game is too much. Every powerhouse in the game are people who spent alot of money on it. If you don't spend any money ur gonna get rolled by people who has. I'm leaving this game for good. I regret investing money into it.

I requested a refund it was Intially given and credited to me, and my account was shown a negative gold, which is fine, then the charge was reversed and lillith recieved my money back but they never credited my account with the reversal, the money was confirmed as sent and they recieved but they told me nothing they could do but I can repurchase the gold to make my account good they get to keep the money but not credit the account....FRAUD. Was great game, no wait time for building or upgrading but waiting for research and materials.Was an extremely great game with a decent amount of customization but it's now just another pay to win game I enjoy everything about this game if they removed pay to win so everyone could play it including me but its a mobile game so what do you expect. super fun game. the ads don't deceive you. Game was brilliant at the start... Now it constantly freezes and lags... The developers don't care about this issue when yiu message them... Its all about the big pay to win players now.... It's the same game as 500 other Chinese mobile games no thanks.

To developer - how to change a city or a level 2 city? I've been playing for 2+ years & I don't want to be with any alliance. How to change to a level 2 city ? If I'm bound to be with an alliance ( which I couldn't find who are eligible to change cities) to change cities, it means I personally don't have any free will ! Is that you're trying to implicate ?. graphics are good and building up is quite easy. I like the game but I only give it 4 stars coz the wordings are quite too small to read. I need to wear a reading glass just to read it. If you can make it a little bigger that would be great. Cheers. Worst game. Not an sniper game. The adverts rip off war game red dragon this app is nothing like that game. Good...just hate in game purchases.

This game has turned into a heavy pay to win game. It's come to be dominated by players that spend well over $100,000 usd. If you aren't going to spend that kind of money I would stay away. You will end up wasting a lot of time playing this game and quit out of frustration because you are helpless against big-budget players.. love the different sections of the game. not just sniper or.war. This is best game back old time,but after I back there were so many sniper shooting,also maybe you can isolate the sniper genre and make another warpath second version but this time modern or ww1 maybe you can keep WW2 timelines,I suggest to not put this sniper maybe that's reason why many player feeling disappointed. player XZACSTREEMX. this game isn't what is showed on the video. I installed it and end up building and building not once played anything. where is all the game play that's supposed to be so cool.i rather play a good game then waste time building nonsense. what a shame. Not the same as shown on add. Uninstalled the game.

complicated & unstable, but enjoyable so far. hard to level. up kow how. this is a great game to play if u have nothing to do. Basically the best I ever played but I like the entirety of Europe and Africa but what about Asia there's no news over there like does Raven control it or are they independent?. good enough to lose two hours in a breath .

Don't waste your time. It's the same as any other current rts with a skin pack. Save the time and microtransactions and move along. P.S. your ads on YouTube are annoying. Game doesn't work. Says it needs an additional update. Downloads 50% of the update and then says network error. I have tried various times. I'm annoyed that these people wasted my time and 1.5 gigs of my data plan.. Very addictive game, so many different ways to play.. It's not working... I means downloading it's not working. It would have been a 5* if you bring back the power amount display...

I played the first mission I loved the graphics but I didnt like the fact it's one of those time consuming build based garbage. Stop giving the AI the advantage. I had to restart but good. Need more then 1 Gb for play , will damage the phone. I fail to see how this game is so popular. Absolutely nothing is explained. It took me a full day to figure out how to train troops. Everything in the city is too small. Upgrading anything seems like it doesnt have any effect at all. Supplies to do anything run out instantly. Battles are impossible to figure out. Again no explanation on how they work. This game is all about looks. That's it. And the pictures of the explanation of the game are from one tiny part. That's it..

my favorite game I play it everyday 5stars for me. great job for the historical game. This game is the best if ypu like war games.. This is pay to win garbage and if you support it you should be ashamed of yourselves.. I just Start playing I haven Learn everything about the game So far it's not paid to play I do like that you can put on a battlefield or you can go and be a sniper around the a city killing off your Enemies that are making side hustles. this is my 2nd week playing its bin good better than the other Games I have played in the past few months Besides the 3 kingdoms I have been playing that for a few months if you don't spend money it's hard to build lvl up your Favorite player ..

I use to be a big fan of the game but now it's completely unstable and unplayable constantly crashing and shutting down on me.. I came because of the ads and was not disappointed. I have recently learnt that developers of this game maybe supporting the Russian invasion. I'm currently going through the process of having a full refund to make sure no money falls into wrong hands. Loved the game when i first started but ever since the update that added modern units I've been left behind with no way of catching up, i wish there was some sort of catch up gift i could buy in game but there is not so untill then i am stuck getting killed a lot in conquests and during events and unable to help my alliance other then that i would like things to load after i unlock my phone not having to close the app and reopen it to get chats and other things to load. To pass level 28 you have to pay money.

nice graphics and game, it is fun and easy to advance. lags a little bit even in lite mode but better than I expected. The chats and invitations are not working so it makes it boring. Alliance based and Long slow release process war game platform. Development team set up achievements and tasks to keep it short term entertaining. Pay to play players dominate. If can find a city and alliance with players with similar interest intensity would enhance your experience. Not a sniper rifle game.. really love the game, mostly cause I don't necessarily need to watch annoying ads like most games now and it's really nice storyline and art.

Quick upgrades with no wait, variety of game play and great units. Po ostatniej aktualizacji gra przestaje by rdem rozrywki... 1v1 wczeniej byy dobrze zrobione... Moge bi si z przeciwnikiem i go spali bez strat... On ciebie te... Ostatnia aktualizacja zmienia to i sprawia e osoby P2W nie zabijesz, nie tracc setek/tysicy rezerw. Brawo Lilith za psucie wietnej gry :). the game is addictive and fun I have never played a army game more fun then this I just wish you could battle friend in a fps that would be so fun. Very good but when I try to send my scout so I can complete the quest it moves mme to where I can't see where I'm supposed to click and i can't move my screen to adjust it. Hi, i put only 1 star cause this game have aggressive players and you need money to win, don't talk about your progression. Lack of reward and this game is not friendly. Alway lagging and kick me out after 2 min. Wasted time.

They took away my account after I have not played for a while. it is a great game with tons of immersive gameplay. It's an okay game it's not how it used to topic though it takes too much materials to convert into the premium and other materials. Haven't played enough to tell yet. Game is great but developers only support players that spend big money on this game. I've been playing awhile now but have asked developers to delete my account but they just ignore my request. So if you want a war game and have a few thousand laying around and you wanna spend it on a war game this will be for you..

This game was great when it started. But it lost the WW2 style and become a cash grab. It's very disapointing to see it turn out like this.. I played this game before but it wasn't as close as to how fun it is now I'm really this game. Can't get it to work anymore because of updating. Is this an online game please?. only started the game yesterday and overall its good will update when played a bit longer.

This game is very fun and this game has very good graphics. I've Realme 9i,I can't login into game from today,what happened,please fix it or I'll lose my daily login rewards !!!. Enjoy the game on my phone. Seems it is not working on Bluestacks... Would love a PC option.. really good game but i don't understand myanmar user why not support. Click that golden button is the name of this game.

Meh, exactly the same as every single other base building game with some identical 'missions' shown in screenshots. Another money grab copy. Players and gamers don't look at the rating 4.5 stars! My opinion is that the developers that gave that rating. Read all the 1 star ratings! Then you will see this game are all about money money money. If you don't have money to waste and throw away don't even start. We players who are playing a while asked the developers only to help us who don't spend money also to develop and to be competitive, but Lilith, that's the developers, only think about money! They don't care about players!. Uid 16000238.bila install asyik kena starting balik.dah level 32.tak kan nak kena mula semula. It pretty much isn't a strategy game anymore they're trying to now make it one of those sniper games that suck gets destroyed as soon as you try starting the game because of how strong everyone is. I love how you made a fuss as a side minigame but, the adds seem like it was the main game, and the actual game is so frustrating, the campaigns, base attacks, level4 cities and so much more. I hope you can change this , it will help.

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