Codes New - Updated on December 24, 2022

Wasteland Lords is a fun mobile strategy game in which you’ll have to build a shelter in a world that has survived a nuclear war. Only a desert with a high level of radiation remained around, and here you have to re-create a civilization. Protect your people, fight other survivors for valuable resources, learn technology and explore the wasteland. Team up with adventurers and try to survive together in this harsh universe.

All Codes Expiration date
4EI3H0BPWNV February 17, 2023
F0MWT8RA9V January 1, 2023
GJK69TUEF February 12, 2023
BWZ3H4G51UJ January 20, 2023
U7QGVN4I0KCH December 29, 2022
MXBZJTRG0OV February 12, 2023
9UDFY8T27IX January 14, 2023
UBTRC0SLNW January 20, 2023
IJE4Y8DSH February 14, 2023
7ULQ8HGEF6T February 12, 2023
T87UYMRJEVA0 January 26, 2023
7DZT0IHKAG5 January 27, 2023

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