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In the center of the plot is a novice programmer who meets an advanced hacker on the forum. He (apparently Aiden Pearce from the first part of Watch Dogs) managed to crack the government OS ctOS 2.0. and decided to share this knowledge with the main character. Now the player will have to continue the work of Pierce, taking revenge on all those involved in spying on people. Having mastered the hacking equipment, the hero will also have to master shooting skills in order to defend himself during an open confrontation.

Story Updates

The main difference between Watch Dogs 2 is the extended quest system, which includes not only the main tasks, but also additional missions. At the same time, the second part inherited the variability of the plot, which allows the player to independently build a strategy for passing. However, the actions of the hero no longer affect the plot so seriously – choosing any available model for completing tasks, the user will come to the same ending.

Character Overview

The advantages of the second part should also include its close connection with the previous chapter of the story. Characters already known to the player periodically appear in the game: Wrench, Georgie, Raymond and many others. They open up to the player from a new side, although they have the same unique abilities as before. At the same time, there are also new heroes, due to the appearance of which the Watch Dogs universe becomes even more voluminous.

In addition, in Watch Dogs 2, the system of interaction between characters and hacker equipment has been significantly expanded. Now the heroes must not only hack the equipment, but also use it to obtain the necessary information. To do this, the player will have to examine in detail dozens of databases about city dwellers, and then use the information obtained against the most influential people in the city.

Additional features

The gameplay is not limited to constant sitting at the computer: if necessary, the hero can go outside, visit any institution, earn money or go to a showdown with a street gang. You should not go into a fight empty-handed – it is better to get yourself the right weapons and equipment. To move around the city faster, the player can use a car and a map of the metropolis.

Analogues for Android

To date, the action Watch Dogs 2 has a working version only for PC. As a replacement, users can download a similar application to their phone: Republique.


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