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The Watch Dogs series has been thrown from one extreme to another. At first it was a serious story with a gloomy protagonist in a cap and cloak. The sequel turned everything upside down – it turned into a hipster adventure in a sunny city with jokes and jokes. And in Watch Dogs: Legion, even the mood is difficult to determine, in particular due to the absence of the main character. The Bloodline add-on for the third part tried to mix sadness and fun, telling a new story in the scenery of the last game. Oddly enough, it turned out well.

Come in large numbers

The main plot takes place before the events of Legion, but much later than the finale of the first part. That is, Zero Day has already committed terrorist attacks in London, and DedSec has been accused of all mortal sins, but a new resistance detachment has not yet gathered. We are briefly transported to Chicago, where a distraught Aiden Pearce (he is already 55 years old!) receives a call from Geordie – he asks Aiden to visit London for an important matter. Although at first the hero refuses, saying that he is no longer a mercenary, he has reason to agree – his nephew Jackson lives in the British capital.

The case is linked to Thomas Rempart, CEO of Rempart Security Systems. He entered into a merger deal with the AI ​​corporation Broca-Tech, after which he engaged in illegal fraud. We need to find out Rempart’s motives and steal a device with the strange name “Brock Bridge”. At the last moment, an easy mission ends in failure – Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 (the same guy in a spiked jacket and mask) takes the thing from under our nose and disappears.

Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline: Обзор

The characters will intersect more than once in the story.

At first, it seemed to me that Bloodline would be a banal fan service – we take two beloved characters from old games (although it would be better if Marcus were in Rench’s place), write a couple of dialogues and send them to perform the same missions as in the usual Legion. In a sense, this is true – for example, London in the add-on was not expanded in any way.

But if we talk specifically about the plot, then in this regard, the add-on exceeded expectations. The development of events is very interesting to watch, and although there are only ten story missions, the developers manage to tell a lot – they shed light on what Aiden’s nephew was up to and show the attempts of family members to establish contact, and Wrench is given enough time, and several references for fans have time to insert. In the second half, the plot generally turns in an unexpected direction, after which I want to call Bloodline a real sequel to the first Watch_Dogs.

Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline: Обзор

Aiden will be retiring in about ten years, but he is still a peppy man.

It’s funny that the main idea of ​​Watch Dogs: Legion, around which the original was built, is not used in any way in the supplement – and the game only benefits from this. Although you can scan passers-by and guards here, there is no need to do this – the recruitment system is disabled. And there are only two playable characters: Aiden and Wrench, between which, after the final mission, they will be allowed to switch freely. That is, no matter how well the opportunity to play for any person is realized, it is impossible to tell personal stories without a pre-defined hero.

two man legion

Otherwise, it’s Watch Dogs: Legion with recruitment cut out. Divided into several districts of London, the ability to teleport to an open tube station, missions with penetration into closed areas – you can shoot at everyone, you can do everything covertly, knocking out the guards. The add-on starts in a separate menu, and the city here is not as rich in entertainment as in the original – you can’t participate in any mini-games, for example.

You involuntarily begin to walk around the city with your hands in your pockets – as in the trailers of the first Watch Dogs.

But both main characters differ from extras with unique abilities. In particular, both have a multi-drone, a device that moves exactly like the mechanical spider from the original, but at any moment can turn into a flying drone. A useful item that would come in handy more than once in the main campaign, especially when hunting for collectibles.

One of Aiden’s main skills is active reloading, which has recently been added to many games. Empty the clip, reload the weapon, press the “Triangle” on the gamepad in time – and the bullets deal more damage to enemies for 15 seconds. Another combat skill is called “Concentration”: if you hit an enemy while holding a weapon, and then hold L2, then time will slow down and Aiden will automatically target the next enemy. The second is almost never used, but the first is a great innovation. And, of course, Pierce has the “Fatal Failure” ability, which hacks everything around: cars, drones, weapons, and so on.

Watch Dogs: Legion - Bloodline: Обзор

Meet Sergey.

Rench’s set is less interesting. In close combat, he uses a hammer and when you press Triangle, he performs a crushing blow that hacks nearby vehicles – there has never been a situation where this would come in handy. He also carries ninja grenades with him to stun targets, and to climb to the roof of buildings he summons a cargo drone, which he calls Sergei. Compared to other drones, this one not only looks very stylish, but also flies noticeably faster – ideal for traveling around the city if ordinary cars are tired.

It is commendable that the developers have tried to diversify the opponents – in addition to all sorts of guards, there are now humanoid robots. A special approach to them is required: first you need to achieve overheating with shots, and then run behind your back and shoot the battery. And they not only pour lead on you, but also use ultrasonic attacks, from which you can’t hide behind shelters. Fighting robots is fun, and they didn’t put them in every gunfight so they don’t get boring.

Robots, like people, can be finished off hand-to-hand.

In between story missions, you can be distracted by good side quests, but even without them, the DLC leaves a positive impression. An unexpectedly good story that makes you nostalgic and tells about familiar characters is a nice gift for Watch Dogs fans. There are no innovations, the city is needed only to drive from mission to mission, but still you do not regret the time spent. And after the ending, you can hire both Aiden and Wrench in the main game and go through the Legion story for them – finding them in London will not be so difficult.

Pros: interesting story with familiar characters; fairly diverse missions, in which there are more types of enemies; active reloading makes shooting more fun; good side quests.

Cons: there are no new ideas, and the main “chip” with the game for any person was cut out altogether.

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