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The multiplayer of Watch Dogs: Legion was delayed a lot – the game was released back in October, and it was launched online only in March. By this point, the game has already been forgotten, but Ubisoft is famous for supporting its projects, so it is not surprising that the company wants to keep Legion afloat longer. True, so far the attempt looks very sluggish and strange – you wonder if the developers are moving in the right direction and whether it was worth investing resources in it.

A new beginning

The online launch took place with a creak: either the release of the update was postponed, or it suddenly came out only on consoles and without the “Special Operations” mode, and the PC version was postponed indefinitely. Console players were in for an unpleasant surprise – there is no cross-progress, not even cross-play between the platforms of one manufacturer (all this will appear sometime later). In general, the regime seemed to be collected in the last week.

The same goes for the multiplayer itself. Selecting “Free Mode” from the menu, we first watch a short introductory video, after which we are given a random character – this is the first DedSec agent, preparing to restore order in London. A short story mission begins, where we must collect intelligence and go to the DedSec base, and that’s it – there is no more story, just drive around the city and complete tasks.

In search of meaning - played in the multiplayer Watch Dogs: Legion

There are no original tasks here – all are taken from the plot.

The online mode is pretty much the same as the single player campaign, minus story missions, in-engine cutscenes, and a few other elements. Progress from the campaign is not transferred here, you need to collect a collection of agents from scratch, and you will have to buy abilities again. At first, it is better not to try to take control of enemy drones – when you realize that the right perk is not there, it may be too late.

Recruiting agents has become much easier. If in the campaign you had to complete a couple of tasks in order to ingratiate yourself (I talked about what cool stories are sometimes generated in this way), then everything is very primitive. You see the right person on the street, scan him – and you can “buy” him for influence points (green diamonds) right on the spot. However, strong agents like Albion soldiers are not allowed to recruit at first – you need to reach a certain level.

As a result, the main idea of ​​Legion faded into the background – no matter what your daily routine is, there are no interesting moments when you accidentally meet the brother or wife of a murdered person. In multiplayer, the game becomes just another open world action game and offers almost nothing new compared to the campaign – except that there are three other people with you who you will never contact.

In search of meaning - played in the multiplayer Watch Dogs: Legion

Co-op missions often break – you can start a playlist and get on a mission where players run aimlessly and cannot complete it.

All the tasks presented seemed to be generated by artificial intelligence. On the map, you see several icons with banal tasks: steal data, steal a van, hack a terminal, save someone, and so on. You complete the task in a couple of minutes and go further.

Slightly more meaningful tasks come across in the playlist of joint tasks – these are the same simple missions (sometimes literally quoting episodes from the single player mode), but they consist of several stages. Unlike primitive assignments, these tasks can be completed in the company of friends or random fellow travelers, but in the second case, you can’t even hope for a secret passage – most people are more interested in flying into enemy territory and shooting in all directions.

The main problem of joint missions is such situations when one of the participants has too bad Internet.

Something of my own

The only unique entertainment in the open world is random events. Sometimes a timer appears on the map, before the expiration of which you need to get to the specified place and start the test. Either I was unlucky, or it was planned that way, but every time I came across the same task – to destroy a missile-firing drone with a large supply of health. It plays just as boring as it sounds.

There is also a PvP arena for spider bots, but it can even be launched from the main menu, so it’s not entirely correct to attribute it to entertainment in the city. If you were expecting something like the TV show “Battle of the Robots”, I hasten to upset – nothing like this is even close. It’s just that four radio-controlled spiders meet in a tiny arena that can pick up scattered weapons and shoot at each other. In general, that’s all – there is no depth, control on the gamepad is not the most convenient, and it bothers you after the first match.

You are expected to do all of the above for the numerous rewards in the Battle Pass. Among them are influence points (for recruiting agents or buying perks), skins for weapons, hats and other cosmetic items. To get new ranks, you need to have fun in the open world, complete missions and complete daily events. But there is nothing catchy in all this, there is no motivation to waste time. Well, you get these cosmetic items, and then what? In front of whom to show off? In front of people who are reluctant to enter the co-op playlist and don’t care about your appearance?

In search of meaning - played in the multiplayer Watch Dogs: Legion

If you like Bot Arena more than anything else, the Battle Pass rewards will make even less sense.

Now the game is sorely lacking in content, looking at which I would think – yes, this is really worth it to re-pump the character and assemble a team. Perhaps such content will be special operations that will launch next week. However, such a regimen should be the icing on the cake, and not the only reason to spend evenings in front of the TV, performing dull assignments and doing the same thing. And the local multiplayer does not give other impressions yet.

It’s especially sad to watch the multiplayer trailer and realize that Watch Dogs: Legion has a lot of potential. You can do something like heists in GTA Online, which would have to be completed using different characters. One selects a builder and sneaks into the computer at the construction site, while another dressed as a soldier infiltrates the base and steals some data. If you try, you can come up with a lot of interesting situations, but whether Ubisoft will pay much attention to this project is an unanswered question.


There is a feeling that the development of Watch Dogs: Legion initially went in the wrong direction. Bring the multiplayer elements into the single player campaign and you’ve got something more cohesive. So that, like in The Division or the latest Ghost Recon, you can go through story missions together, and then smoothly move on to clearing the map and preparing for difficult special operations. In its current form, online exists separately from the campaign, essentially offering nothing out of the ordinary for which it would make sense to invite friends and save London. Let’s see what happens next, but it’s hard to find reasons why multiplayer could attract the attention of a large audience.

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