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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare looks like an absolute must-have. I didn’t think I’d ever say this again, but the game looks like something brand new, off the assembly line and made with imagination. I have for you:

• a retelling of a four-minute gameplay segment that suggests the evolution of the series;
• the beginning of the game;
• the answer to the question why Modern Warfare is again without a number.

Let’s start with the last one.

Watched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - gives hope!

Captain Price is now like James Bond

The developers directly admit that they have so many atomic explosions in the Modern Warfare series that there is simply nowhere to raise the degree of pathos further. But I still want to make a game about modernity, so it was decided to arrange a soft restart.

Captain Price and other MW characters are carried over with the same archetypes to 2019. Like they did with Daniel Craig as Bond: there’s the classic Casino Royale story that, along with the character, has been adapted to the realities of today. It will be the same here.

Watched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - gives hope!

The main landmarks are Sicario and Homeland

The press asks: “In Modern Warfare 2 there was a provocative episode with the execution of civilians. How will it be in this game? The authors respond: “I’m afraid if we try to cut out all the provocative episodes, then there will be an hour of gameplay left.” On this occasion, at the beginning of the game even hang a warning.

The gameplay we were shown had a “wow” effect because we had to clear the terrorists’ dorm while everyone was in bathrobes and slippers. A woman in a nightgown squeals, twitches towards the table, the special forces shoot her face, she falls to the floor and chokes on blood. Obviously, these are all scripts, but wow, what scripts.

The authors set themselves the task of making the most realistic, mundane and brutal game in the series. Hence Homeland with Sicario: realism in the depiction of combat operations, much more naturalistic murders. All this was felt in the gameplay: we actually shot civilians, and if they didn’t regularly grab the guns, it would even be a shame.

A more realistic tone opens the way to moral dilemmas and a more mature format than the pooh-pooh that CoD has always done. The main thesis of the game: a freedom fighter for some is a terrorist for others. The application is not bad, but, of course, I don’t want to take her word for it. Finally…

Watched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - gives hope!

The plot will be about a bad Russian

The main thing that the authors want to do is that now no side will be unambiguously good or bad. We will have enemies and friends from every country represented. There are gray Americans, there are gray Russians, there is a very gray Kirkishkostan (I, unfortunately, did not remember the name of the fictitious country).

Evil terrorists are pouring out of the camp. In the demo, we were shown how they blow up a van in the middle of London, and then the CIA, led by Captain Price, cleans up the hostel of these very terrorists. At the same time, there is a friendly Russia, in which everyone is adequate, except for one general. The general does not want the same explosions to thunder on the streets of Moscow, he takes his army and leads it to Kirkishkostan to clean up entire villages of civilians.

We have to play, on the one hand, for a special forces soldier with first-class equipment, on the other hand, for a good rebel without any equipment at all, but with ingenuity. Somewhere in the middle of the game, these storylines will unite against a common threat.

Of course, we are promised the most complex characters with deep elaboration of characters, and in the course of the plot, “everyone must determine for himself the limit of what is permitted.” But I did not see any real confirmation of these promises anywhere.

Watched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - gives hope!

Gameplay looks like staged Rainbow Six Siege

The aforementioned explosion of a van in the center of London, and then instant revenge from the CIA: the assault on the headquarters of terrorists in the most ordinary hostel in the slums begins. All terrorists are in bathrobes. The level develops like this: we move from room to room, floor by floor, to the attic along a spiral staircase. There are five people with us, because of which it is very crowded and it is impossible to take a step to the side. There is a surprise waiting behind every door.

And although it is clear that everything that happens is a classic linear shooting range, it really impresses with earthiness and rigidity, evoking the best memories of SWAT 4. You look into the room, and there is a man holding a woman by the hair and threatening to shoot her. You kill him with a headshot, and the freed woman … picks up a weapon and starts shooting at you too!

But what is much more interesting, in this shooting range, the player has a tactical choice. In general, everything is shot through in the building: doors, walls, beds, under which people are hiding. You can burst every light bulb, knock down every door and try to carefully sneak into every room.

Here are the options. Use a shotgun to make a hole in the door and throw a light grenade there. Shoot through the wall until there are no more sounds coming from the room. Burst a light bulb, put on night vision goggles, lie down on the floor and watch the terrorists fire in panic in all directions.

Each room is a separate emotional sketch with cool animation and surprises. You have to buy the game, only to find out – there is a woman who grabs a baby, and the inscription: “Do not shoot” does not appear on the screen …

By the way, during the entire presentation, Captain Price did not open a single door. The revolution!

Watched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - gives hope!

Promise at least four formats of shootouts

We were shown only the gameplay for the special forces hung with gadgets, but there is also a second side – the rebels. Therefore, there is an interesting feature that the developers highlight as the main concept of the game: you will rarely fight equal opponents. You either dominate the terrorists on the side of the special forces, which are many times more numerous, or on the side of the militias, you fight off the special forces equipped with night vision goggles and telescopic ladders.

That is, what used to be a conditional “sniper mission” now takes place in the context of battles. Parity situations also promise to be unique: how do you like two groups of trained special forces who are trying to outwit each other?

The developers said that the game will not be a shooting range in the usual sense, and for a significant part of the campaign, the enemies are deadly, and they will have to be counteracted wisely. Any tactical advantage will have to be used qualitatively. Well, here I bought it for what, I’m selling it for that – to be honest, I can’t believe it, but what if? ..

Watched Call of Duty: Modern Warfare - gives hope!


The Modern Warfare demo looks great. I still don’t believe in the plot, I don’t want to believe in the promises that in the “casual” series it will be difficult and tactically deep. But what was shown in the demo, I have not seen since SWAT 4, that is, for a long time there was no such naturalistic gesture in modern graphics (it really looks decent) and in such sound design (guns sound amazing).

I would like to believe that at least half of what was promised will come true, and the shown fragment is representative of at least several scenes of the campaign. While there is all hope for Make Call of Duty Great Again!

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