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The fight between good and evil is one of the hottest topics of modern applications with role-playing battles. In the We Heroes – Born to Fight app, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy the role-playing control in the wars of two teams, the participants of which will be heroes and monsters. A big plus of this game is the ability to compete with other players online.

List of Redeem CodesExpiration date
BD641N7TUMCAugust 4, 2022
ZV9SUDKR8HAugust 25, 2022
LVFB1KIZGAugust 13, 2022
MFKWLB3SVZ6July 24, 2022
VM638ODBGCANSeptember 13, 2022
3WZVKR5PI9NSeptember 12, 2022

According to the plot, a detachment of the Legion of Darkness came very close to the human lands, many villages have already been burned and robbed, and many inhabitants have been brutally killed. So that the enemies do not completely rid the world of good, you need to create your own victorious squad and restore good on your lands, destroying the forces of evil. The game will develop in the midst of hostilities, so strategic moves will not hurt here. You will not be able to influence the attack in any way, you will only be able to influence the battle with some features that you will have after the accumulation of energy. The composition of your team can be changed to new heroes, and you can also improve them, and boldly fight in any kingdom.

Each hero has abilities, so you have to think about your team in order to strategically take a winning position. Download the We Heroes – Born to Fight app and develop your abilities. You will find effective and exciting battles!

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