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February 05, 2018


When you find a wonderful but little known game, you really want to share this treasure with the rest. It doesn’t matter if it’s been out for a while now. For example, I really wanted to tell you about SteamWorld Dig 2, which we passed by last fall. This wonderful game would have remained without a review, if we hadn’t got a new section on our site, which just allows us to tell about the projects we missed.We missed SteamWorld Dig 2 for nothing

Our today’s guest was developed by the Swedish company Image & Form. But do not expect northern restraint from her – the game is very bright and cheerful.

Digger Offline

To understand the plot of SteamWorld Dig 2, it is not necessary to go through the first part. Everything you need to know about these games can be easily condensed into a couple of sentences. The action of the series takes place in the world of the Wild West, in which there are no people, but there are steam robots. The main character of the sequel, Dorothy, is looking for the missing protagonist of the previous part – Rusty. Helps her in this blue light named Fen.

Like Rusty, Dorothy wields a pickaxe deftly, making her way deeper and deeper into the bowels of the earth. Do not think that this is an easy process: on the way down, aggressive monsters and plants will constantly interfere with you. Do not expect pleasant sensations from acid and lava rivers.

“Some kind of Minecraft,” you say, and you will be completely wrong. SteamWorld Dig 2 offers us not only to break through the earth’s rock in search of Rusty and valuable minerals, but also to solve puzzles related to the heroine’s gadgets. So, with a cat hook, you can cling to walls and ceilings, and on a jetpack, which you get at the end of the game, you can fly short distances. The game is really rich in mechanics. And before you get tired of one ability, another one is offered to replace it.

We missed SteamWorld Dig 2 for nothing

Hard rock can only be penetrated with a special drill.

We need to go deeper

SteamWorld Dig 2 can be safely called a vertical metroidvania. And as in any self-respecting “metroidvania”, travel to previously visited places is facilitated by portals, made in our case in the form of a pipeline. The game encourages you to constantly return to the main city and exchange the found gems for money. There you can improve equipment and get new drawings for it.

The main storyline of SteamWorld Dig 2 feels completely unobtrusive, although some platform segments and a few “bosses” sometimes make you grind your teeth. The bowels of the Steam World are full of places to explore and optional puzzles, and if you want a “challenge”, then go explore the mines – these are real tests with their own secrets, and in order to pass them all, you will have to work hard.

Despite its graphical simplicity, the game looks nice, largely due to the variety of locations and bright design. The soundtrack also harmoniously fits into the meditative process of digging. Separately, I would like to note the humor, which also does not look like something foreign.

We missed SteamWorld Dig 2 for nothing

Domestic localization does not lag behind the original and is also made in an ironic manner. Plus, notes of “local color” are added to it. Usually I’m disgusted by such flirting with the user, but here it is extremely appropriate.


The Swedes from Image & Form managed to create a truly amazing game, rich in mechanics, exciting and beautiful. Digging your way through the puzzles is really interesting, and during this process you don’t even notice how quickly time flies. And if you like not too hardcore “metroidvanias”, then you definitely should not pass by SteamWorld Dig 2. And if you are looking for difficulties, then also do not lose sight of the game – optional content will provide you with them.

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