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Dying Light 2 Stay Human finally got out of production hell, but instead of applause and awards, the zombie action came under a hail of various criticisms. As it turned out, not only Italians have serious complaints about the new product: gamers are not satisfied with the technical side of the console versions. Tymon Smektała, the lead designer of the post-apocalyptic action movie, spoke in defense of the programmers.

Shortly after the premiere, one of the Twitter users complained to Smektala about the ailments caused by the game: according to Leo K, it was all to blame for the strong motion blur, the inability to change the viewing angle, the constantly shaking camera and the 30 fps limit on the Xbox Series S. Asking for something the designer shrugged his shoulders with this: there will be patches, they will fix something, but with the frame rate everything is not so simple – the problem is not in the authors, but in the hardware.

First of all, we will fix the problems with the co-op, servers Sony, Microsoft And Epic unable to cope with the flow of players. We will solve motion sickness problems with the next patch. Regarding FOV and blur – as it turns out, perhaps we will fix it with the next update. We’ll see what we can do with 30 fps on the Series S, but console GPUs are holding us back.

Alas, these words have become an occasion for a new portion of criticism. Fans felt that Smektala was trying to justify incompetence Techlandputting the blame on Xbox, and started pointing out games that look and work better than Dying Light 2.

The designer found it answer and on these claims: according to him, the performance Stay Human due to the verticality and density of the open world, and the amount of downloadable data exceeds most other games with free exploration. For detailed explanations, the developer directed all critics towards the video from Eurogamer.

Of course, we still have room to develop in relation to work with optimization, but look at the analytical analysis from Digital Foundry – after all, we are not some kind of amateurs there.

In a separate line, Timon Smektala apologized to the champions of the Xbox – he did not want to offend anyone and certainly did not hint that the console was bad. It’s just that the Series S has unique features to consider, that’s all.

Dying Light 2 Stay Humanrecall, came out on February 4th. Techland promises to support the game with content for a long time and has already announced its plans for upcoming patches. In particular, the authors are going to soon improve the work of DLSS, fix bugs and add save backups.

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