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Assemble western Metropolis as you want, recruit legendary west heroes, observe your private troops, battle in the direction of insane zombies, battle with totally different players in all places within the WORLD, and be the WINNER throughout the West War Zombies Attack world. Customize your Metropolis as you need. Assemble and enhance buildings, produce sources, evaluate know-how, assemble metropolis defenses, observe troops in your territory, and finally, create a primarily crucial part of the world. Choose your gear and polish your GUNS; displays no mercy as a Zombie Killer. Survive as; it shows you can!

West War Zombies Attack Mod APK 1.0.11

Yee haw partner in the 1800's cowboy days feel like the real deal. Wow keep up the good work. I love this game. They constantly update the game and do their best to keep it fresh and exciting.. This game is the style advertised, but that is only one aspect of the game.. Fantastic game couldn't ask for any other way to spend my free time on. ALL IN ALL ITS PRETTY EASY. BUT IT HELPS IF YOU ALREADY UNDERSTAND HOW TO HIT A MOVING TARGET..

What a fun game. overall I have no complaints. Great job to the developers.. This game is as dope as heck! Man just couldnt get it enough!. I have a good day playin this game. There are shooting sequences as the ad showed, but you also strategize and build your land and people. Interesting game.. Love the game play, just needs more west game like this.

Love this game so far, no wonder the kids get hooked on these kind of games , lol this is the first one I've been interested in even trying and I can't seem to put it down. I never really enjoyed playing these kinda games but I totally enjoy this one luv the whole theme. I can honestly say that this game is not a cash cow like 99% of the games out today, I wasn't bombarded by ads ever which is great nowadays. It is way better than most games like it , yet I got bored with the repetitive nature of the game, I'm not normally into those types of games. Surprisingly I do highly recommend it for everyone.. So far funny and a little challenge but rather easy.. Fun game, with good graphics, fast growth, and plenty of play options..

I'm enjoying the game so far! I'm liking the play very much! It's a grat game! I give it 4 stars!. This is just a cool game! A lot of reading. So you have to definitely have some time. But it's a fun cool game I'm glad I downloaded it!. The game is pretty fun to play.. Saw the game in a ad, and I really like it. Thank you very much development team for a great game!!. Great survival game. Challenging but not impossible. While still in development, what is complete is stable. More grinding than I'd like, but hey, that's the old West, manual materials collection. The aspect of losing everything you're carrying when you die really makes adventuring out risky, yet you must venture out to collect the supplies needed to advance and grow. Which feels slower than it ought to be. Enough player interaction in the form of running into each other out in the wild..

I held out on this for a long time, seeing the ads regularly on FB. Decided to give it a try. It's actually a pretty fun game. It's not overly complicated, just a fun little game.. Graphics, sound, and gameplay is nothing groundbreaking, but it's fun. The ads aren't intrusive either, which is nice for a west game. Overall, solid game to pass time if you're into west games.. I really like the game. I like the play style, the graphics, the theme, the levelling and talent distribution etc.I've paid for VIP and other small packages, but it's just a bit expensive.However, it's just fun.. Pretty fun so far! With probably more than 20 hours into this game, I have nothing but good things to say. It's a fun "tower defense" game, with ample rewards through your progress. The game can get tough, but you're allowed to try again or back up some rounds. I rarely turn one down. 5 starts. Great Game! I spent many hours on this game, and now I'm back. I'm hoping I'll get leader's rewards!. So I'll start off by saying I typically don't play mobile games. But after seeing the west funny ads, I gave this game a shot. So far, it's been really fun. Everything about this game just seems like smart mobile game design..

It's a very good game as far as you want to relax this game is best and you get addicted to this game .. mind relaxing game i must say... I had no idea that this game was so involved and so interesting when I first began playing. What I thought was going to be a simple game of finding the correct geometric angle that shoot somebody on the other side of the screen turned out to be quite an adventure indeed.. This game because you can collect you can collect stuff and you can battle with people and it's free to download on the store. I saw a 5 star review that made me decide to try this game and I'm happy I did. But I should have expected it to be just a part, of a larger strategy game.. There is no intrusive ads and so far it's good. It is like other games to where you have to build but it's much more enjoyable!.

I had no idea that this game was so involved and so interesting when I first began playing. What I thought was going to be a simple game turned out to be quite an adventure indeed.. This game is interesting and challenging. It's like an interactive game.. It is fairly enjoyable. What has taken me abackso is there have been NO ads. I have no issue with ads as long as they are of short duration and do not interupt play, but of late I have tried quite a varied selection of games, that prove to have been so ad ridden, this is just really cool.. Downloaded the game just for the fun of a few geometry puzzles. Next thing i know, it's been 2 hours and I've been battling undead pirates, building bases, unlocking and upgrading heroes, and of course I'm already attached to the kingdom.. Addicted, it's fun! It doesn't take much time before you get really strong. Aut I did enjoy playing this.

It's a fun little time waster tower defence game. The gameplay isn't over saturated with a bunch of features/stats to worry about when you're really not in the mood to play a game like that. All in all, it's fun! Go ahead and try it out. I like that it gives me instructions and helps me succed. I might like it if will download.. I don't like how I can't control anything In the beginning it's making choices for me I don't need it to train me You need to make it where it's an option if you want that. if you are easily addicted to tower game. This will make you crazy!!.

Really fun game and make alot of friends while playing its easy to learn the game also i 100% recommended getting it for a fun time passing game and you'll get hooked you'll have friends from all over the world come and join the alliance now!. I love this game so much, I have a great alliance. I also good at playing the tower game.I am so addicted in this game.. Many good improvements have been made these day. I'm very excited to see further improvements in the future.. Such a fantastic game.I just download it and play for 10 minute.But I like it so much.I will recommend my friends to play it as well.Love the alliance features, which makes it more funny.It also has tower game which can spoil you time.. This game is stress relieving and so exciting. It's not just a west game but also with leisure tower game..

Good game. You really dont need to spend any money to have fun.You can download it and make friends and play lots of funny little games here.. This game must be an awesome game. I'm a new player and I can ...The game gets better every day.. Very Addictive. It's a great multi dimensional game, I love it....I must give 5 stars after playing the game for half a year. I have written suggestions to the developers to make more funny little tower game.And they did it!!! I know the tips and strategies of the game well.Welcome to join my alliance in the top of the rankings.. Definitely recommend it if you who enjoy tower game&west world & interacting with players from around the world. Play it. Just like the ads shows.It's basically a west game..

The game is great and funny to play.It is a good way to kill time.. As a player who have played its beta version.I have say that the developers have make more improvement.Work much better now. Good graphics.. I enjoyed the game a lot. It's a west game.You can play war games here.You also can create an alliance and make friends in the chat.. me entertained. Best game in the google play store.. Good game.It's pretty fun to play the cowboys little game. I really like it so far and make good progress lv12+ in 2 days..

It's really funny.This game is so friendly to the new play.The tutorial is easy to know. The developers make an interesting game..

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