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We invite you to review our monthly issue. For various reasons, alas, it was possible to prepare the material not at the beginning of the month, but only now.

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Alexander Shumakov (Braiko94)

Homefront (2011)

I was playing this game when it came out. Then, after going through the single-player campaigns of Call of Duty and Bad Company 2, it seemed simple and short. And after a recent replay, I remained the same opinion.

The plot takes place in the near future. North Korea began to develop after the death of its leader. By 2025, the US economy has weakened, and under the yoke of the Great Republic of Korea, is taken under tight control. The people of America, deprived of a regular army, but not broken, will continue to fight the invaders, waging an uncompromising guerrilla war against them.

The lore of the game is very good, well written and interesting to read. But it is served through newspaper clippings that are scattered throughout the levels, character dialogues and loading screens.

The characters are well written and develop gradually. Despite the stereotypes: the formidable and tough Connor (a hint of the Terminator), the bold and attractive combat woman Rihanna, the technician Hopper is an American with Korean roots and the sensible black resistance leader Boone.

The levels are varied in places: sometimes you need to show invisibility, then control military equipment, then fly a helicopter, then shoot from a sniper rifle, then destroy the enemy under phosphorus attack.

Yes, and the levels have a variety of visuals: a hermit village, mass graves, occupied cities, resistance points, and some of them change during the passage.

The gameplay of the game feels clumsy and rude. You can’t aim by holding the button, the animations are stingy, the return is only visual. And sometimes scripts may not work or work crookedly. In addition, partners do not really help with the battle: they shoot past, often shout and get in the way underfoot.

I liked the variety of weapons and scopes. Three types for each type of sights, different types of camouflage and barrels are pleasing to the eye. There is something to choose to exterminate the enemy.

In general, you can buy a game on sale and go through it in a couple of evenings.

Rating: 6/10

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

The prequel to the best shooter of 2014 I went through completely and knocked out all the achievements this month. Last time I had to get medals for challenges, get one perk and complete the game on the highest difficulty level. For this passage, I managed to do it.

The game begins a few days before the events of the main game, BJ and his partner infiltrate Wolfenstein in order to find a secret folder. But everything does not go according to plan, and the hero has to make a difficult journey to complete his mission. During the passage, we will be able to visit a castle, a local village, a small town, fight off the undead, wander around the cemetery, control a robot and fight an ancient monster. And in the end we go to battle in the Skull Castle.

The game turned out to be shorter than the main one, and during the passage you do not get tired of it.

The characters are only partially memorable in appearance, and they do not have as strong charisma as in the main game. They are only needed to issue a task and tell part of the lore of the game. By the way, about him. It is interesting to read about the fictional events that took place in the game: the unsuccessful landing in Normandy, the search for ancient civilizations, archaeological finds … The story is written soundly and is read with pleasure.

Weapons have been diversified: a mini-rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, a double-barreled shotgun and a pipe have appeared to make it more fun to fight the fascist rabble! There are new perks and tests for them.

I can also note good humor and references to popular culture. Also, tests were added to pass the level section for points. Good challenge for gamers. Try to complete all locations for gold! It won’t be easy! Levels in the style of the old game have not gone away.

In general, I can advise to pass. The game is short, rich and pleases with variety.

My rating is 7.5/10.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This month I managed to complete three games: Aliens vs Predator 2010, Medal of Honor: Airborne and Call of Duty: World at War. I’m going to talk about all of them separately – there will be a blog about MoH and CoD for weeks. So today I will probably share my impressions of only one thing – The Witcher 3. At the moment, I have not finished the game, but nevertheless, I have something to say.

I’ll start. In my opinion, the Wild Hunt is a (nearly) perfect combination of the ideas of the first and second parts. Like the original The Witcher, it’s more of a free-form adventure than a staged production. Particular emphasis is placed on the primary setting: fields, forests, swamps, all sorts of seemingly unremarkable villages and villages – on what the sequel so lacked.

From the second Witcher, they took the combat, significantly supplementing it and the so-called “console” – it’s not interesting to engage in Potions from the word at all. Elixirs are replenished automatically, and recipes no longer even need to be looked up in the encyclopedia. Actually, CD Projekt took their mistake, made in the sequel, and carefully transferred it to the triquel. Fortunately, it is not critical, but for some, simplification may well seem like a plus. The subjective is the subjective. But there is another problem, more serious and obvious – the presentation of the plot, and probably even himself.

The root lies on the surface – CD Projekt, having tried to compose an interesting, captivating plot, and simulate a large, diverse world, eventually made, roughly speaking, two different, incomprehensible parts of the game; the first always urges us on to look for someone and save us, and the second, on the contrary, very slowly, unhurriedly leads us through all the nooks and crannies of No Man’s Land. To understand the level of absurdity going on, imagine a typical Call of Duty with fast-paced gameplay and Hollywood cutscenes, but placed in a huge sandbox with smart opponents. Here is the Wild Hunt – about the same, but from the world of role-playing.

I will speak about this in detail, but after the passage of the main game.

Let’s talk a little about combat now.

Firstly, as for me, it is still more “twisted” than in the second part – there it sometimes literally did not work, falling apart. If you played Assassins of Kings at least on the average difficulty level, then you perfectly remember what kind of “Gingerbread Man-gameplay” begins, attack Geralt with at least 3-4 adversaries. Here, by adding a rebound, it turned out to be made more tactical.

Secondly, in order to get a little bit of “Weddie gameplay” you need to play at least on the penultimate level of difficulty – my friends advised me so, and I will also tell you. By “witchy gameplay” I mean the use of not only signs, but also various oils, elixirs and decoctions. By reducing the difficulty by just one point, there is no need not only for Potions, but also for standard moves such as block, dodge and roll; the main thing is to just click on LMB as often as possible.

Well, so far I like the game more than not. But there can be no talk of any final conclusions regarding The Witcher 3 yet.

Well, thanks for your attention! See you again in a month. In the meantime, if you want, you can read our previous publications.

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