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Wild Hunter 3D is the perfect game for anyone with even a little bit of an interest in hunting. Hunting is the most masculine profession, and surely every man has at least once in his life imagined himself as a daring money-maker. This exciting game will give every user a unique opportunity to feel like a real hunter.

Wild Hunter 3D  MOD APK (Free Purchase) 1.0.12

And if you already have a hunting license, then you are probably a little sad to know that rare species exist on earth, and how much fun hunting them will be! Well, if in reality it is impossible to hunt animals in the Red Book, then anything is possible in virtual hunting! All the countries and continents on Earth are waiting for you in Wild Hunter 3D: try to hunt in the extreme north and hunt for lions and antelopes in Africa, hunt endemic animals in Australia and Visit large regions in Europe, hunt for bears and wolves. But if this also upsets you, then a special place in the world in the age of dinosaurs is at your service.

Roam the entire island teeming with Tyrannosaurus, Tyrannosaurus and Tyrannosaurus. This game has a special meaning, thanks to its luxurious 3D graphics, which stand out with rich colors and detailed details. Use a variety of hunting weapons to catch as many game animals as possible, and for each animal you catch you will receive a certain amount of coins. Moreover, the harder it is to catch the monster, the more money you will receive as a reward, and its size also depends on the rarity of this species. If you want to quickly make a career as a brilliant hunter, then use the mod that makes a lot of money, which will give you the opportunity to make in-game purchases.

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