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Savannah is waiting for her hero, who will not be afraid of adventure. If you are ready for crazy adventures, then hurry up to download Wild Rodeo: Zoo for Android. Arm yourself with your personal lasso and take to the savannah. You will travel to this beautiful place. Here you will find a lot of interesting and mysterious things. Artiodactyls have long been established here and have become the main inhabitants. Think you can tame a bull? Then try and, taming them, collect a whole huge collection. At any moment you can look at her and remember how fun it was. Your wild rodeo involves jumping on crazy beasts. Jump on them and earn points. By jumping, you will increase your record and soon you will be able to get to a higher and more difficult level. On such a huge elephant, frenzied crowds of ostriches and even the lion king of beasts will be waiting for you. It is really very dangerous to mess with such animals, but our player feels like a hero. Riding an elephant, you will be able to smash almost everything that gets in your way.
Unsafe wild rodeo When you decide to download Wild Rodeo: Zoo for Android, you will understand how great it is to drive rabid bulls, angry elephants and other equally dangerous beasts. All of them belong to rare species, and there are plenty of them in the savannah. Be careful, because the road is full of obstacles that you need to bypass. Otherwise, you will fly off the animal, and it may crush you. The player will be able to visit not only the fabulous savannah, but also try to ride the animals in the jungle, which are even more dangerous and scary. Tame any animal and look at them in your huge collection. Perhaps, from them it will be possible to open a whole zoo. Adventures you can only dream of are waiting for you. Bring to life the most daring ideas and get a dose of adrenaline. Improve your rodeo skills and gain experience that will definitely come in handy.

Wild Rodeo: Zoo
  MOD APK (Unlocked) 2.10.0

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