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Wizard of Legend was released just in time – just as I began to forget about the nightmare called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, a new game about wizards and magic came out on PC and consoles. Moreover, in terms of gameplay, it resembles The Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon and other bagels beloved by many. The Contingent99 team, consisting of two people, worked on the project, and the result they got was worthy of attention.

School of Wizardry

The game begins with a visit to the museum, where the history of this magical world is told in detail. While talking with visitors and looking at the exhibits, you periodically come across people who are ready to give you your first spells, which you can immediately try on mannequins. In a few minutes you will get comfortable with the controls, pass a small test and find yourself in front of an artifact that will illuminate the room with light and take you to a completely new place.

Now your task is to successfully complete the difficult “Trial of Chaos”, with the help of which the Magic Consulate selects the most powerful wizards and grants them the title of legendary magicians. Each time the set of locations in which the hero finds himself is randomly generated, but the structure of the test is the same: go through two large zones, find yourself at one of the main “bosses” and repeat this process two more times. There are three types of locations in total (ice dungeons, fiery lava halls and forest), and their order is constantly changing, as well as the order of the “bosses”. The first stages are always easier than the next ones, and the strength of the opponents depends on how close you are to the end of the race.

Passing the test from start to finish does not take much time, but it will not be possible to complete it the first time – you will have to spend several hours before you are perfectly prepared. Preparation is about finding the right set of spells to take with you. The character has four “arcana” (this is how magic techniques are called here): a normal attack, a dash that allows you to jump over chasms and escape from flying projectiles, and two spells, one of which can cause devastating damage to opponents. But for this you need to fill the scale in the upper corner of the screen, non-stop bludgeoning enemies with other abilities.

Wizard of Legend game review

If you don’t feel like fighting, you can always push the enemy into the abyss.

The hero has two more free cells – he fills them as he passes the test. These tricks can be sold by a vendor, which in the best traditions of “bagels” is on every level, and once I found a bonus ability in a piñata jumping from corner to corner. There are merchants who sell goods for gold, which drops in relatively large quantities from defeated enemies. And sometimes you can find a seller offering “devilish” items in the spirit of The Binding of Isaac – they both give buffs and take away some positive characteristic. You won’t be able to study the product before purchasing it – you will have to spend money blindly if you don’t want to look into Google.

It all sounds pretty ordinary, but Wizard of Legend has one distinctive feature – there are more than a hundred spells here, and only you determine what to take with you to the test. Abilities are divided into several types, which you are free to combine at your discretion. Take one fiery “lasso”, one earth magic, one electric or Chaos spell – there are a lot of options. But the arcana discovered or bought during the test are not saved – you need to purchase additional tricks in the city in which you find yourself after death. There, merchants are no longer waiting for gold from you, but diamonds, the bulk of which falls out of the defeated “bosses”.

One today, another tomorrow

The ability to experiment and find the style that suits you is very exciting. We tried the kit, didn’t achieve the desired result – you return to the city and change the equipment in your home. A large part of the “lasso” is equipped with timers – after activation, you cannot use them again for several seconds. You also need to constantly pay attention to this, training on dummies and roughly imagining how you will behave when you are locked in four walls with a pack of opponents. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to buy certain spells in the city – if you do not see them on the counter, you need to hope that they will appear in the store next time, or purchase the rest to update the assortment.

However, it is not worth throwing money around like that – in addition to magic, the main character will have to buy robes and relics. There is only one main character in Wizard of Legend, but he can change into different costumes. One increases running speed and reduces spell timers – it will come in handy if you want to take powerful arcana with you, which take a long time to cool down. The other increases the player’s health and damage dealt. There is even a mantle that reduces maximum health to one.

Wizard of Legend game review

One of the relics summons a flying assistant that periodically freezes random targets.

With relics it is even more difficult – there are also a great many of them. Increasing damage from fire spells, dependence of damage on the amount of gold in the inventory, limiting the number of techniques available to opponents, increased chance of dodging at low health, discounts in stores – you can already find an impressive list of relics on the Web, of which there are about two hundred. My favorite is the double damage dealt and damage taken. If your character is mobile and can easily avoid any attacks, he will not have to worry about losing health, but he himself will destroy opponents faster. Another artifact allows you to immediately open the entire map and show where the room with the “boss” is located – a useful thing if you do not want to wander around the whole location.

Many people will like the turtle shell – it makes the character invulnerable for a short time if he took damage. In Wizard of Legend, it’s very easy to get stuck in a corner and become a helpless mage for a couple of seconds, who is beaten up by a crowd of aggressive enemies, not allowing him to get out. If in Enter the Gungeon you could dodge bullets with a roll, then there is nothing like that at all: one bad hit and a flurry of attacks will fall on you. Such a controversial decision by the developers has the right to exist, but you need to take it into account if you decide to purchase the game.

But the similarity of locations upset me personally, especially against the backdrop of such a variety of spells and relics. The level design leaves much to be desired – each time they are generated in such a way that after an hour the player can easily predict in which areas he will be locked up with opponents, and where it is safe to walk. The rooms are the same, there is practically no difference between the zones, the replicas of the merchants very soon begin to be repeated. Battles with the same “bosses” can also get boring at some point, especially when you remember the order of their attacks by heart. In the future, the creators promise to add additional content, including opponents, but it is likely that the design of the world will remain dreary.

Wizard of Legend game review

There are so many spells in this game!


However, monotony is not a reason to give up on the project. Wizard of Legends compares favorably with competitors due to the development of the main character’s arsenal and the flexibility of its customization. Dozens of unique spells and gameplay-influencing relics make each new playthrough different from the next. And the unavailability of all the tricks at once and the need to earn currency to buy spells in the store are one of the main reasons why you don’t abandon the game even after passing. It’s a pity that not as much attention was paid to locations as to other elements, but Wizard of Legend definitely doesn’t do this with a “rogue”.

Pros: a huge number of spells and relics for every taste; exciting gameplay; adequate complexity; nice graphics; music, the authors of which were clearly inspired by the Harry Potter films.

Cons: boring design of locations and a small number of zones and “bosses”; the fact that the game sometimes severely punishes for taking damage may not be to everyone’s liking.

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