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The game Wobbledogs is a modernized version of Tamagotchi, offering the user an unusual world with three-dimensional dogs. Pets are ways to grow, evolve and mutate, acquiring unique external features. To make the life of dogs comfortable and enjoyable, the player must meet the needs of pets and improve the kennel. The happier the pet is, the more fun the game will be.

The game differs from the canonical pet simulators by having the ability to mutate. As dogs develop, they will pupate, after which they acquire noticeable physical changes. Mutations in a dog’s body directly affect the characteristics of its behavior, the structure and number of limbs, as well as its ability to reproduce. For this reason, pets are very interesting to watch: after all, each animal has unique mechanics for moving and exploring the world.

Pet needs

For a good life, pets need delicious food. At the same time, it depends on the quality and nature of the food in which direction the branch of the genetic mutation deviates – the use of certain foods leads to a change in the microflora of the dog’s intestines. Bacteria that have settled in the body of an animal trigger specific transformation mechanisms during the pupation period. If the user wants to raise an unusual breed of dog (for example, a dog with wings), he will have to strictly monitor her diet.

How to improve the nursery

Between stages of evolution, animals play, interact, and explore the world. To make dog life more interesting, the player can improve and expand the dog kennel. To do this, the dog owner must purchase the necessary items in the store. Raising the game level, the player will open access to new objects that can be bought with coins earned in Wobbledogs.

The expansion of the nursery is due to the construction of new rooms. In each of them, you can make a special area – for example, a bedroom, kitchen or garden. An active lifestyle is extremely important for dogs, so the owner should take care of creating a play area. The leisure section in Wobbledogs Game is represented by jogging grounds, trampolines, dog toys, etc. To make it easier for the player to navigate the interface and numerous menus, the simulator was translated into Russian.

Analogues for Android

To date, the Wobbledogs game cannot be installed on a phone. As a replacement, Android device owners can download a similar app: Merge Cute Pet.

Merge Cute Pet

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