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Agent Blaskowitz is back in the saddle! Or rather, in a wheelchair – this detail was remembered by the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus trailer at E3. After all, the state of health did not in the least prevent the hero from doing what he loved – to shoot the Nazis.

Recently, journalists managed to find out what it is like to be a disabled hero. On the two levels shown to us, the new part of Wolfenstein was revealed to the fullest.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus game review

The fate of the unfortunate fat woman, the developers treacherously “spoilered” the journalists.

Connoisseurs of the subjunctive mood

Why was our agent in such an “unsportsmanlike” shape? The New Order thoroughly patted Blaskowitz, and therefore he will have to start the genocide of a superior race without getting up from his chair. But by the second mission, everything will return to normal, and the hero will lead the revolutionary cause against Nazism that has occupied the world.

MachineGames continues to develop fantasies about an alternate past. Germany, as you know, won the Second World War, and not only the Soviets and Europe, but also the United States fell under the yoke of the Reich. 1961, the Nazis on Wall Street, Frau Engel, familiar to us from the last part, as an antagonist … Sounds tempting.

The developers decided on a rather atypical and bold fusion of settings: the fascist ideology took root in a very non-trivial way in the conditions of democratic values. Totalitarianism, racism and other “chips” of Nazi Germany are very funny played up in the context of the most liberal and advanced society in the world.

The beginning of one of the presented levels was somewhat reminiscent of the introduction of BioShock Infinite – a short walk through the sunny town full of scripted scenes gives a complete feeling of the atmosphere of a dystopian mode. Victory Day parades pass through the streets, the Ku Klux Klansmen learn the correct, Aryan pronunciation from the Nazis, the captain courts the American Fraulein …

One walk – and you are already in the thick of things. Cheerful cutscenes and staged skits set the mood and tone for subsequent shootouts. What is at least a Fritz trying to identify Blaskowitz’s face against the background of three Wanted posters with his image! The characters here are insanely charismatic – literally everyone has their own character.

As before, Wolfenstein is a great work of art, dialogue, events, the drama of which is no less exciting than the gameplay.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus game review

Bullet is stupid. So much more reliable.

Nazis, zombies, UFOs…

On the one hand, we have a unique, well-thought-out setting. Everything here looks fresh and fresh. MachineGames knows how to tell a story perfectly: the characters are colorful, the humor is original, the game manages to catch the drama already at the end of the first mission.

On the other hand, the pace of the plot, the scenario moves are taken straight from The New Order: now Blaskowitz is planning further actions at the headquarters of the revolutionaries, now the love line flickers on the horizon, but the hero is helpless in the face of the main villain, killing friends right in front of his eyes. All this is familiar, but … it still catches. The developers have a taste for telling the same story about the heroism of an American soldier in such a way that it will not sound like an echo, but will seem like an integral and original work.

It is curious that Area 51, a secret US base, which is associated with various fantastic theories, occupies a certain place in the plot. One of the characters openly talks about the presence of aliens on it. It seems like using a UFO theme would be a crazy overkill. But let’s remember the enchanting zombie apocalypse from The Old Blood – knowing the style of the developers, in which epic drama is combined with absurd comedy, it is quite possible to allow the appearance of little green men in the second half of the game.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus game review

Heavy bleeding is not a problem for the hero.

Let’s shoot?

The idea of ​​a wheelchair immediately makes it clear that the authors are trying to experiment with the gameplay. The first mission feels very non-standard: you literally feel the physics of a mobile chair. Unusual shooting conditions, stealth options, and interactive environmental elements that allow you to quickly eliminate enemies make the corridor level a rather unusual adventure for shooters.

The second mission presented to us consisted of several large locations crowded with Fritz patrols. As before, you can go all out and load a bullet to the first enemy you meet. It is not difficult to predict subsequent events: howling of sirens, panic, crowds of Aryans… It is not easy to survive under such circumstances even at the average level of difficulty.

Stealth mode is much more preferable: we calmly sneak up behind the backs of enemies and, with a slight movement of the hand, organize a quiet hour for them. There is a silent pistol, and there are “perks” for stealth. However, stealth can make life easier, but not much – soon we will still be taken aback by some script and a gunshot mess will be made, in which Blaskowitz will have hundreds of opportunities to prove that one man in the field is a warrior.

Compared to the same The New Order, the action has become much more dynamic and crazy. Here you are always on the move, constantly forced to change position. Shooting in all directions with one hand, picking up first-aid kits and ammunition with the other, you rush from cover to cover. Different types of opponents do not allow to sit out, among which there were already a lot of all sorts of “tanks” moving ahead of our hero.

The weapons of the Reich are very advanced: cyberdogs, drones, cyborgs… Multi-colored fireworks on the battlefield are arranged with lasers, electric flashes, grenades. The Germans completely robotized their army, making the shooter somewhat reminiscent of Killzone.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus game review

And without the swastika, it would be a very cute robot.


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is definitely worth the wait. Simply because it inherits all the best that was in the original. Two missions without context from the beginning and middle – and each managed to drag into the world of the game, weave a rich atmosphere and cheer up with nuclear action. The full version will certainly give no less vivid impressions, because the whole, as you know, is more than the sum of its parts.

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