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After a two-week marathon in Destiny 2, it was somehow strange to find yourself in a new build of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. What Fritz, what America, what are you talking about? But the feeling of dissonance quickly sank into the funnel of adrenaline action. Still, nothing compares to a solid classic single-player action movie.Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus обзор

If Blaskowitz rocks, then someone needs it.

Merry Resistance

The mission presented to us started with a long cutscene in which Blaskowitz discussed plans for life with members of the Resistance. Her one was enough to make sure once again: MachineGames has not lost its artistic grip and easily outlines the characters of the characters with a three-minute video sequence. However, a serious briefing before the mission with the participation of the stars of the revolution – a lively black woman, a hallucinating boy with a scar and our crippled agent – turns into a caricature. At a crucial moment, an African-American and a plump Nazi defector indulge in joys in the next room. The latter, by the way, will probably be given the lion’s share of all the jokes in the game.

The characters are colorful, the dialogues are filled with self-irony, there is no frank anti-Nazi heroic pathos here at all. The guys are fighting with the enemy, depicting serious mines, but an invisible smile constantly flickers in their images. We all understand that Fritz for them is like cockroaches in the kitchen.

Excellent camera work and musical accompaniment endow the cut-scenes with an original artistic style. The camera flirts with the characters, revolving around them along unconventional trajectories – the production is performed at the highest level.

The well-known episode with a psychedelic monster generally dispels any doubts about the author’s intention – it is obvious that, compared with the previous part, the dramatic aspect in The New Colossus has somewhat given way to humor. It is clear that the developers have not shied away from outright “thrash” before, arranging a zombie apocalypse where, according to any canons, it should not be. But here, the frivolity of MachineGames’ approach is visible in almost every frame.

For freedom on prostheses

However, when Blaskowitz enters the battlefield, the atmosphere changes. Unlike the previous build, in which we were shown a festive parade in a conquered American town, here we could see the consequences of the Nazi occupation. Chaos, ruins, burning houses and patrolling soldiers of the Reich – that’s what is left of the freedom-loving people.Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus обзор

These are the “pegs”. It’s nice, but you can manage without them.

The dark design perfectly conveys the mood. There is no time for laughter here: when you see a Fritz patrol coming out from around the corner with a fat flamethrower at the head, you think how to go unnoticed. The location as a whole is linear, but corridors and shelters in the form of blown up cars and former shop windows are enough to bypass the enemy. Suddenly, the option of vertical movement of the hero appeared. As we remember, Blaskowitz lost his legs. But in their place came mechanical prostheses that are able to stretch several meters in height, which allows them to climb high objects.

Unsuccessfully standing single warriors can be eliminated quietly by thrusting a hatchet into the back or using a classic pistol with a silencer. Stealth is not bad, but nothing more. Opponents here are sparingly blind, and your figure ten meters away from them does not arouse suspicion. However, unbridled action will not be enough for you here, so you should not disdain passing inconspicuously in locations that allow it.

Anxiety! Finally…

The real fun begins when the sweet ear of Alarm is in the air! Waves of opponents do not end, Fritz of varying degrees of compaction with iron shells begin to climb out of all the cracks. Some even do it cautiously, hiding behind covers.

We are offered to shoot all this living creatures from seven “guns” with juicy German names. If to express their essence simply, then one shoots bullets, the second – with something exploding, the third – also with something exploding, but more powerful … Each weapon here is beautiful in its own way and gives a unique feeling of firing.

As before, we take weapons in each hand and begin to sow democracy, at the same time planting explosive mines in the bodies of the Fritz and watering them with bursts. You can hang various “upgrades” on the “guns” in order to customize the unfolding show to suit your sadistic preferences. Three upgrades are provided for each: for example, the Dieselkraftwerk, which produces grenades, can double the amount of ammunition it can hold, and the Shockhammer shrapnel can be “trained” to ricochet.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus обзор

Riding on an iron dog.

The shooting here is insanely beautiful and dynamic. You just have time to rush around the map, juggling weapons, because each type of fighter prefers death from certain ammunition. You won’t go against “tanks” with a pistol, but it’s a pity to spend anything more destructive than a bullet on fast but weak Fritz. If you do not shoot at sparrows, then there is always an abundance of ammunition – the action does not stop even for a second.

And now you are imbued with hatred for Nazism, wanting one thing – to shoot non-stop in all directions, crush, destroy opponents. And the game gives you this opportunity, gradually increasing the level of difficulty. First, we challenge a huge mechanical dog that exhales fire from its mouth; and now we ourselves are sitting on it and walking along the streets, burning everything in our path …

You feel like that same uncompromising, tireless, ruthless Blaskowitz towards the Nazis, and the degree of insanity is already reaching its maximum … Suddenly, the developers again launch a long cut-scene, reminding us: take it easy!

William meets an eccentric independence fighter and, to the cheerful jazz of an African American, negotiates to join forces while getting drunk on some strong liquor. Bullets fly into the headquarters every now and then, but the camera calmly shows the arguing heroes. And you laugh again, imbued with the comedy of the situation and admiring the originality of the production. And so it goes all the time: The New Colossus evokes a whole range of emotions, constantly turning into an unbridled thriller, then into a sensual drama, then into a screwball comedy.

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus обзор

This scene can be reviewed endlessly.


Each new demo of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus confirms what everyone has long known: one of the best shooters of the year awaits us. Fresh style, strong production, hurricane action – what else can you say? Wait everyone!

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