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Still, finding real diamonds in a pile … in the basements of Steam is already akin to a drug for me. The next dose was Wolfstride – a game that mixes noir, notes of anime about big robots and a comedy that is on the verge of decency.

Very… EEEEE… fun company

Wolfstride tells how three buddies try to earn and rise by participating in battles of large combat robots. They strive to win the biggest tournament called “Ultimate Golden God” (there are more than three hundred contenders in the ranking) in order to hit a big cash jackpot.

One of them is an upright dog named Dookie who acts as a mechanic. The other is Knife, nicknamed Pineapple, who is the pilot of the huge Cowboy robot. And we play as Shade, a former yakuza who in this trio is responsible for producing, settling organizational issues and finding money for repairs, treatment and other ongoing expenses.

Wolfstride: Overview

Humans and anthropomorphic animals get along very well here. Although it is not without problems.

Soon they are joined by a funny little swearing robot “Pipika”, who trains the pilot. He loves to swear, but the built-in program swears, so his speech goes something like this: “I… PIIIIP… will make of you… PIIIIP… such and such real… PIIIMP… champions!”

Wolfstride: Overview

Our heroes had a boring past.

Different shades of mood

In general, one gets the impression that the Wolfstride script was written by a drug addict, a swearword and a poet all rolled into one. Because, on the one hand, they swear really often here (especially Dookie), shit is mentioned through the word and in general a lot of toilet humor. And yet, this is much more meaningful, the truth of life and even, if you like, romance than in any Russian quest. Here this is not an end in itself, but only a consequence of the difficult situation in which our heroes found themselves – and self-defense from it.

Wolfstride: Overview

An exhaustive quote for many situations in the game.

On the other hand, there are many memories in the story about the difficult past of the heroes, about what tied them together, about the love that Shade suffered from. And his 14-year-old daughter Neb soon comes to him, which at first makes him want to run away and get drunk, but then organically joins the team. And here, toilet humor is replaced by real noir romance, which gives meaning to the overall black and white palette of the game and works perfectly for the atmosphere.

Wolfstride: Overview

But our Shade is a real poet!

This very atmosphere is made even more colorful by the presence of the former sensei, the teacher of Shade, who acts as …. a pineapple. It’s hard to describe something here – see for yourself:

Wolfstride: Overview

Why pineapple? Because not apples!

The teacher asks to collect pineapples and distribute them to friends – each donated increases the character’s disposition towards us, which ultimately allows you to receive various rewards, money and equipment for the robot.

Add to this a cat witch who helps with the upgrade of Cowboy, a goose – a street musician, a barmaid who immediately determines the client’s character by his favorite drink (she calls Shade Rum-Cola) and everything like that – in the end it turns out very tart, unusual, but heady and tasty cocktail, in which, of course, notes of smoky cigarette noir are the soloist.

Wolfstride: Overview

And there are a lot of references to the games.

Genres are also different.

The gameplay itself is also a cocktail of various directions. Direct battles take place in separate arenas and look like this:

Reminds me of Japanese games.

That is, these are separate arenas, the choice of movement points, techniques and places where to hit. It is also allowed to defend to replenish ammo or place a block. Opponents can destroy each other’s hands, body, head, but when the necessary scale is accumulated, we are given all this to repair or even restore entire fragments. In addition, there are combat stances that add bonuses to attack when building up “fighting spirit”.

In principle, the combat system is not outstanding, but quite efficient. The main thing here is to carefully listen to the information about the tactics of the next enemy and choose the right combat and defensive skills. It happens that we are immediately told that long-range attacks are better suited here.

Wolfstride: Overview

Periodically, this colossus has to be repaired manually and for money.

You can buy new tricks from Pipika, and to learn new stances, you must first purchase at a video store and watch some old movie about martial arts – it seems to be a trifle, under which a banal upgrade is hidden, but how you immediately get nostalgic! And from the cat witch we buy equipment for the arms, body, engine and head of the robot – there is a wide choice, including frames, plates, skin, core, central processing unit, engine, and so on.

Wolfstride: Overview

It’s a pity that the change of equipment on the appearance of the “Cowboy” is not reflected in any way.

Shade makes money on all this – and here the runs around the locations begin, implemented in the “pixel” style – also black and white and atmospheric. The ex-yakuza rushes between the junkyard where the witch lives, a bar, a store, a hospital, another junkyard to communicate, remember the past under a dark sky, and also perform both story (buy food for the whole team or a new important part for the robot), and and side quests, forcing us, for example, to look for cats that have scattered around the area.

Wolfstride: Overview

And, of course, we are looking for someone to give a pineapple … to give.

But mostly he earns money by participating in mini-games, one of which, of course, is called BDSM (it means “fast delivery of fresh materials”). That is, these are also side assignments – to collect garbage, work as a courier, wash cats and others. And they are implemented in the form of funny mini-games. These are, for example:

Gradually the tracks are updated.

And after the upgrade made by her daughter, Shade will be able to participate in virtual battles of robots, earning rewards. And it was implemented as an MMO – with a battle pass, daily prizes, regular and rating battles. Such is the hidden irony.

Wolfstride: Overview

Well, at least there are no microtransactions.

Yes, you can say that some mini-games are more efficient and better than others, or that there are too many runs between locations. But you still want to visit them – it’s also interesting because there you can meet interesting characters like the already mentioned musician goose, find new rivals for virtual battles or eavesdrop on conversations between visitors in the bar, from which we learn interesting, gradually developing stories.

Wolfstride: Overview

Shade’s relationship with his daughter is a separate story.

So I found out about a couple of hunters, obviously for something valuable there – at first the girl asked to work in pairs, then she sort of proved her professional suitability, and they were already discussing how they would go on some important business. And I wondered how it would end. It is from such details that the multi-layeredness of this unusual game is formed.

Wolfstride: Overview

The art style is reminiscent of a good comic book.

Given the comic style and exclusively black-and-white palette, Wolfstride could very well be (and maybe will become) a manga – especially since there is clearly something in common with Cowboy Bebop. But not the point. In any case, this is an addictive and really multi-layered, diverse game that combines elements of different genres, different visual styles and even different moods. But history still comes first. And she is in Wolfstride, with all the obsceneness and swearing robots, melancholic and vital, with her own morality about the past, which will always catch up with you, influencing the present and future. And about the fact that you still have to try to regain the right to dream.

Pros: the plot is interesting to follow – it perfectly combines drama and comedy; unique style and atmosphere; bright characters; multi-layered gameplay, where there are battles on fighting robots, management, adventures and mini-games; stylish visual range; powerful, varied and generally well-chosen music; There is a normal Russian translation.

Cons: a lot of empty runs between locations; perhaps someone in the battles will not have enough complexity and tactical delights.

Đánh giá Star
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