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The fascinating strategy of Wonder Tactics will allow you to create your own army and manage it. The game is supported in several languages, including Russian.

List of Coupon CodesExpiration date
L915DUEVCKXAugust 31, 2022
UM4X38HGK1July 22, 2022
T6I4PEAVBAugust 7, 2022
UJ8GAS21W7FAugust 20, 2022
HI3TQEDY4WCRAugust 4, 2022
J6UZE1R70DPSeptember 6, 2022

In total, there are 250 heroes in Wonder Tactics, each of which has its own skills and can even conquer the elements. Also in the game there is a huge number of dangerous enemies, from powerful knights to bloodthirsty dragons, so choose your weapons carefully to defeat the enemy.

Traveling through the virtual world of the game, you can get runes. They need to be activated in order to gain access to unique skills for your character. You also need to develop your own strategy before each battle, using the strengths of your character to win.

Wonder Tactics allows you to randomly change the composition of the army before the battle and train warriors in special skills. The game has many locations: from mysterious dungeons to towers of dizzying heights, where you can find valuable treasures.

The game is free of charge, and due to the fact that it was specially created for mobile phones and tablets, it is very easy to control the character and his army. The game also contains additional paid content for unlimited possibilities.

Download ( V1.8.0 )
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