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The occasion is now open! Win PVP occasion matches for extraordinary rewards. Earn probably the most honorable trophy by getting one of the best Occasion Scores! Unlock and enhance 80+ avid gamers with unique backstories, abilities, and experiences!

Create a worthwhile lineup of batters and pitchers, and assemble up your collections like standard baseball, enjoying playing cards. Merely tap-and-swipe to smash residence runs or get strikeouts. Overlook all of the considerations! Actually, really feel enjoyable of victory!

World Baseball Stars Mod APK 1.9.2 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

One of my favorite games! Competitive and fun!. Game is steadily improving which is awesome. My specific club is crushing the competition. So I would like to see atleast the first place club in season promote 2 ranks instead of just one like everyone else. It's slowing our progress and growth.. When challenging others, most of the time, they are way ahead in the game. Sometimes by 5 levels.. Is it more than I vvchbcgh. Great game prior to the most recent update. Now getting constant "server error" messages and losing rewards and prizes due to forced restarts..... 3rd Edit: Tonight I was collecting my rewards and I had a server error on the Three Outs game and also on my 7-Day login reward. Didn't receive either! FIX IT!!!. It's baseball what else can you play in this winter.

How many times I have to update? This my second time and again I lose everything. Maybe I should uninstall this app. I like the game but sick of the updates. Fun for just awhile,after you reach lvl 9 it becomes a pay to play game as you never get any upgrade cards you need unless you purchase them and if you do not you will never win enough to advance any higher.. this is one star bc it knocked me out of the game and I lost my chance to play one to tournaments didn't get nothing for it and on the other specialty things when you got to hit the ball and get so many points for the home run and knock me out of that and I lost my points for that and saying I had to pay $99 to play again and some of the people are canceling out game with one point and still winning and I'm not canceling out of it but they cancel out of it still win I think I'm owe some. This game is garbage u have it rigged to cheat so much all u doing is trying to make people pay to play. Fun game. Terrible customer service. Purchased the Season pass but some features were not working. Emailed support and got no help. Asked for a refund after a couple of weeks with no response. Now I am working with my bank to get a refund because I have not received a response from customer support..

Fun game. Typical match starts 9th inning one out with players on base, so very fast paced. Special bats and balls for tight spots, no real need to pay to play so far!. When I updated I lost my record of players ,it started me back to the beginning. I like how the full game is short and interesting. I normally don't leave a review but I am very impressed with this.. It's an experience worth forgetting.... Continuously pit me against people on such a higher stat pool for matchmaking it even made me invest money into the game to see if it would change. . But it didn't it put me against even stronger opponents. Last match was 0-15 thank you for the best time of my life . The game is easy the first few matches you play, but once you hit arena 4 or 5 it develops into an extremely unfair system. Batters hit every pitch in the zone (most of the time for homeruns) and offensively even if pitches are squared up, they are only pop ups or groundouts. Match-making is also horrendous. When your players are levels 4-6, you'll be playing teams with players 7-10. Also it is easily distinguishable to tell ai against real players. It's awful. I do not suggest this game at all..

This game is a typical pay to play. Certain pitchers you get after stadium 7 require to pay for cards instead of getting them in bags and no offer to use your game points to upgrade for example. I've been stuck on Jericho at level 9 and there's no opportunity to level him to 10 unless you buy the stadium pack. Not worth it.. Fun game but starting to get glitchy having to start it over. Ok game but after a while it gets kinda lame. Uninstalling.. The game crashes way too often in the middle of a game.. Good game, but totally add driven gets annoying.

It was okay then became kinda predictable..loss loss loss. Bye -bye game. Update* I was able to find where to change colors.. Just like any other game you can't manage your battles!. Basically playing bots the whole time. Once you get up a few levels you won't be able to win without spending money on better players. Once you've played a few times you'll already know you're going to lose, the game plays the same pattern because they're bots. Plus why would the developer add the annoying chat, who wants to be teased why they're losing. That couldn't be more stupid. Save your money, spend it on a candy bar at least you'll get something out of it. Fun game but I can't stand the algorithm for controlling the full experience or lack there of. Would love to be able to control when on defense..

This game has some fun features but overall it's trash. It's impossible to go beyond the 10th stadium unless you spend a ton of money. The bags and daily cards in the shop give you zero chances to upgrade high end players. Don't waste your time on this one!. Great game but lags alot for me. I love the game. The updates are getting ridiculous. I've deleted many apps to keep this game going. I'm at the point where I can't or won't delete anymore apps that I enjoy as much as this one. I will be forced to delete this game unfortunately.. Really fun at first, but as your team gets better and faces tougher players you have to buy those players to keep up. I started pitching the ball out of the strike zone and the "payed for players" still hit home runs, not that fun now.. One of my favorites, but I hate the matchmaking sometimes. You'll go up against people that have 4 levels higher players and they'll still use power ups. I wish there was a "natty" division available where power ups aren't available, it makes the game more enjoyable to me.

Major bug fix, game shuts off in the middle of gameplay, other than that .... "Please fix".... This game is ok but whoever made it doesn't know baseball. You'll get a ball if they don't swing and if you don't throw it in the center. I was throwing inside by the corners and it counted a ball when it was inside the line. And somehow 2 strikes and your out. Then 3 points for a homerun. This whole game is just a mess. Go find a real baseball game.. There was just a big update. Since that update, games are getting interrupted, called a draw or won/lost because of network interruptions and loss of connectivity. I know I have solid connection to my wifi and I am assuming that opponents with the same issues do as well. Getting ready to uninstall the game and try a different baseball game. Pretty disgruntled right now. Thankfully, I have no money invested in the game. I would suggest that everyone play for free. Update: Deleted Game, a waste. I really enjoy the competition. It's Usually challenging and always fun.. You play bots all the time that have powerhouse lineups and getting cards to upgrade your team sucks. It's a pay to play game so beware..

Horrible, would not get by first part. Kept erroring out. Tried WiFi and mobile data. Don't waste you time.. This game has been very entertaining. I am already on stadium 7. The characters and game play are great. You can get a game in quick. As far as pay to play I have spent a measly 4 dollars. Which has translated to a good team. Very competitive. Do I lose absolutely, but what fun is winning every game and hitting a homerun everytime. Would like to see more characters even if alot of the stats are the same. Keep up the good work!! Edit: Game has glitches. Double plays turn into runs and no outs!!!. PAY TO PROGRESS. Barely collect enough coins in one day to upgrade one player. Tap baseball here I come. Fun game but the bots cheat. Bad game in so many ways..

It's a fun game but as soon as you get to stadium 9 you'll get to Play with outrageous players that you can never win against them.. The game is fun for a while but you'll get to a certain point where it's paid to win to be competitive you're going to have to spend money and I'm not talking two or three dollars I'm talking the high two digits or more in some cases it all depends what players you get when you spend your money. Won't let me play , will load but won't let me click play! Really irritating.. One problem i got is alot of times when pitching it freezes where i want the ball to land,everytime it does it the opt.hits a homerun,but all in all very,very addictive,love this game,one of the best games i played on a mobile device.Another thing when the opt lose connection the game freezes and I'm the one that is counted a loss and that is bs.That made me drop 5 stars to 3 stars ,lot mote bugs in wbs ,makes me want uninstall this app.. Kind of fun in a kid like way.

Being a good baseball player and win the championship Golden corral yesterday Superstar. An incredible game. Just down to the nuts and bolts of the sport. One thing, you should add a batting cage or batting practice. It will make hitting the off speed pitches a little easier. Why make a muliplayer game when you only play against bots, and all the bots have the same op line up so If you don't p2w then you lose, horrible game, and the devs "respond" to ratings but it's really just a generic respond with no intent to listen to the feedback ever. I play boxing stars and it's by far better than this game the playing mechanics is bad the matching opponents is bad the game experience I would say alright but overall experience is non satisfactory really a poorly made around game I just want to say this game socks I'm deleting it it just suck never played a sports game so horribly designed. Game is horrible glitches at stadium 5 and freezes and won't let you play anymore junk deleted it..

Pay to win For one the developers don't know the rules of baseball. But if you want to be competitive you have to buy in game content. Everyone else does. Unless you're OK with losing every game because the opponent has all the best bats and balls and you have basic stuff. No ads tho so I'll give it a second star. Game was fun until stage 9 when all you get is same old regular cards and play a computer more than a real person and the computer hits nothing but home runs. It's typical money grab, trash. Once you hit stadium 4, your team becomes mentally and physically incapable unless you spend real money to keep up with the fake players it leads you to believe are real when they are actually bots that try to get you hooked and then force you to pay to keep up, which you never will, that's the scam. It was fun for the first 3 stadiums though. Losers.. Doesn't even open game on rvvl 6 pro doesn't look like a high demanding game so confused why it won't even start lol. Very very unfair. Playing against, probably robot winning with 2 outs. Robot hits a routine fly to left field, player didn't even have to move to catch. He drops ball 2 runs score I lose. What a racket! DELETE FOR THE LAST TIME! Stadium 4 is all robots with great stats.

The best baseball played in years. Great but now what is the problem. This game does not give out good players are any thing to hard to hit. It's a good game but the cards you need to upgrade you don't get at all . You game have to buy them and that suck no matter how many bags you open you never get the cards you need. It take a while to get it..

App not running or updating since last update. Have followed instructions concerning google play. Has made no differece. Shouldn't be allowed to use those moving balls or bats all game. It takes the fun out all they do is throw stupid balls and you can't hit or if it out clips strike zone only one batter a one batter face the should be allowed. "Was" fun to play but after awhile it became very inconsistent in its pitching program. Very irratic!. Game is just ok. Pitching is not great. Half the ball is in the strike zone and it's called a ball. Bat powerup don't do anything to help hit the ball more accurately. Stadium bags have random times on them but are not able to open after time expires. I have a bag that has been sitting on 35 minutes for 3 days. Vision is an attribute that doesn't actually do anything for you or your player. You have to pay for special bats and balls but the powerups don't help in any way. You've been warned.. Thought this game would be fun, but it freezes up middle of a pitch but tge strike is still recorded, and once you get past stadium 5 hang it up unless you want to spend money; you will loose 4-5 games before you meet a team that's not ranked way over you. I never expected to win every game but the bots never loose no matter what you do. Gonna wait some time to see if it is corrected but if not no big deal plenty of other baseball games out there. Gave it some weeks, uninstalling. This sucks.

Level up just takes for ever! But love the game..... I really like this game a lot !!. If you match up with a logo of someone blowing a bubble, just quit. Theyre ALL bots and make the game so trash. It WAS a really fun game until the most recent update. Now EVERY SINGLE MATCH is like its against bots with the same team. Same exact logo, same exact lineup, same exact stats. Like, they're not even trying to hide it and it's so annoying because they're all 85+ in every single Stat.... maybe if that gets fixed I'll change my rating but as of right now, even two stars is too much.. Good game fun to pass time. Just don't like we can't get the 3 free bags no more or watch the video for gams bats and ball nomore.. I love it and it's fun.

Game could be a little longer. Open A season. This game is so much fun. Simply put: a whole lot of fun to play. The micro transaction allow you to get stuff at you own pace but not needed.. Love the gameplay, like how everyone can get the same players, it's just how you choose to play them. Would like to maybe see a DH in some games, and would like to have more where you could play possibly the whole game. Tournament mode also would be fun. But definitely longer game so all of players have chance to make impact. As of right now, players at end of lineup hardly ever get to bat. But overall, love the game.. Very fun game needs more innings to make it more fun.

Wish there were more innings other than that i like it. Ok here's my takes, 1)it would need a season mode because it's too fun for just one inning and who doesn't want to win a championship 2) the user should have options on who to throw to in the inf/outf 3)more characters 4) needs hit-the-batter option 5) the accuracy of the strike zone could be better because it seem as though the pitches lean more toward the batter hitting the ball than a strike while the ball is marked more into the strikezone than out. Brilliant game otherwise.. Great playing it with my kids. Pretty good. Repetitive. But the game gives you enough to keep wanting to play..

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