Codes New - Updated on July 24, 2022

Boxing fans will love to play the World Boxing Challenge sports manager, where everyone can develop their own boxers by training them and putting them into the ring.

List of Codes Expiration date
ACV7PK9GJHM September 12, 2022
FVCBE2YJOA September 1, 2022
RYDNWI97S August 12, 2022
7LRPGBTVW53 September 7, 2022
MW2QN6ZLVED4 August 7, 2022
EB8QZR4IPD9 July 31, 2022

Your athletes belong to three weight categories. Their daily activities are training in a virtual gym, where they become more resilient and stronger over time. Only by training regularly, a fighter will be able to survive in a duel with a serious opponent. You can improve the results of training with the help of special amplifiers. Boxers can be bought and sold, and to find money to buy, you can bet on other fights.

Pump up the personal skills of the characters, select their talents, purchase equipment, play mini-games, which are also available in the World Boxing Challenge – and now it is already close to money and fame! In order for a fighter’s rating to grow, he needs to participate in world tournaments, as well as meet in the ring with boxers from other gyms. During the battle, choose the best strategy to win, and if it’s difficult to navigate, you can always find hints at the bottom of the screen. The fights themselves will definitely impress you, because they look no worse than boxing fights on the TV screen. After winning cups and prizes, place them in the Hall of Fame – they will once again prove to you what an unsurpassed coach you are!

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