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The game World Conqueror 2 will give you a unique opportunity to be part of the battles of the Cold War and World War II. You can find yourself in the same camp as Rommel, Patton, Zhukov, Yakamoto, de Gaulle, and many other famous personalities of that period. You can also fight against these people.

World Conqueror 2 Gift Codes 1.3.12
List of Gift Codes Expiration date
JL6XG5CZWFD August 6, 2022
5O086B9KMR August 31, 2022
80GFRTD7H September 9, 2022
SHUEXBG12PA August 26, 2022
7VONEYH51ZR4 August 25, 2022
6BAX3OVITR0 August 5, 2022

You will be able to see for yourself what tactics were used by the great military commanders of the last century. Depending on your personal interests, you can choose to fight for the Allies, or become part of the Axis. Only after you manage to overcome all rivals in the company of the Axis or the Allies, the Cold War will open for you. For the passage of each subsequent battle, you will receive new types of weapons with which the battles will become even more interesting. The most powerful and popular weapons are tanks such as the Tigra and Katyusha.

How fast and spectacular the victory will be depends on you. You have to choose the best battle tactics. For different battles, different types of troops can be used – the navy, artillery, as well as military landing troops.

Each of the battles will bring you new achievements and points. The hero who will act in the game on your behalf will receive an increase after each victory (16 ranks and 18 medals in total). The medals he receives determine how effective your troops will be. You can choose between single player mode and PvP mode, which gives you a unique opportunity to face opponents from all over the world in real time.

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