APK - Updated on January 14, 2023

World Map Quiz – find all the countries on the world map!

World Map Quiz  MOD APK (No Ads)

Test your knowledge of geography without contour maps, simple and fun. Do you know, for example, where Monaco is located? What about other countries? Look for objects on the map that the game will guess. Everything will be easy and simple, the game will provide an opportunity to find each country at ease and almost without difficulty.

The application gives the name of the country. Your task is to find where it is on the world map. More countries can be searched by flags or capital cities. There is an alternative mode where the correct country must be guessed from among the proposed options, of which there will be six. There is also an exciting and most convenient mode for new players, called Map Cleanup. Each correct answer removes the guessed country from the map.

Download the game and learn new things with pleasure!

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