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World of Kings is an epic fantasy MMORPG set in a vast open world filled with a variety of monsters and treasures. Choose one of the heroes and go on a great journey full of events. Look for friends among many players to defeat the most powerful enemies.

World of Kings Codes (2022 December) 1.3.16
All Codes Expiration date
AT3EZCBL84N November 13, 2022
5TD9LIWECA December 10, 2022
ZFRYNTOBI November 14, 2022
ORWQZTISCXU December 1, 2022
M95E43BCF2SW October 28, 2022
CEF2QTZPYSM November 6, 2022
KSO0T9J8XGW November 9, 2022
8XZN9QB12J November 5, 2022
AKCPH6E45 December 14, 2022
JBP7NQ2ETCV November 26, 2022
EJ0X9YFRHAM1 December 19, 2022
PC4EB76T05H December 10, 2022

World of Kings is a rich role-playing system with many classes and specializations, unique pets and original clothes. There are also several interesting PvP modes with unique rewards and a guild system with its own fortress. Peculiarities:

  • a huge open world with picturesque locations;
  • an interesting plot and a flexible system for the development of heroes with many specializations;
  • various PvP modes and guilds.

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