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World of Tanks – perhaps the most successful game created in the territory of the former USSR – was initially perceived exclusively as a PC-exclusive. But today it exists quite successfully on consoles, in particular on the PlayStation 4. Yes, the dynamics here are somewhat different, which is due to the control features on the console, but fighting, pumping, unlocking new tanks and winning battles in the World of Tanks Console is not so simple. The bet on scale and realism has not gone away, and success in battles here again depends primarily on the skill of the player himself, on his accuracy, ability to hit weak spots on enemy vehicles and position his tank so that it is difficult to hit him.

At the same time, the authors are trying to develop the console version as a full-fledged game with their own unique content that is not on the PC. The release of the latest update “Mercenaries” for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Xbox 360 is a clear and very convincing confirmation of this. We have already evaluated it and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

Mercenaries against all-all-all

The main feature of update 4.5 is the appearance, in fact, of mercenaries, who are a completely new nation with their own branch of technology. Both the tanks and the mercenaries themselves, of course, are an absolutely fictional thing, but this fits perfectly into the setting of an alternative history, which is actively promoted and developed within the World of Tanks Console.

The game, let me remind you, has a set of original plot mini-campaigns – “Military Chronicles”, which can be played alone or with friends. These are multi-mission scenarios set in an alternate universe where World War II lasted until 1948. With the release of “Mercenaries” a new episode of “Military Chronicles” appeared, telling how several soldiers of fortune on tanks (among them there are comrades with the call signs Collector, Don Quixote and Borsch!) received from a secret agent the task of stealing nuclear materials from a secret Soviet American factory.

The episode consists of three parts, and in each of them you need to try very hard to win. Already in the first mission, where it is necessary to first weaken the security of the base, destroying the prescribed number of tanks and turrets, and then cut off the railway communication and attack the enemy base, eliminating the local captain if possible, we are surrounded on all sides by superior enemy forces. And the whole episode threatens to become almost the most difficult in the Chronicles, because here we are confronted by the troops of both the USSR and the USA. You have to take advantageous positions and competently lead the allies so that they cover and help in time.

World of Tanks Console - all about the Mercenaries update

There are currently five new mercenary tanks available in the game, with five more to be added over the coming weeks and months.

“I blinded him from what was”

All vehicles of the Mercenaries are hybrid models assembled from parts and modules of other well-known tanks. This is explained by the fact that mercenary units, they say, are forced to provide themselves with everything they need, getting modules in battles and purchasing parts from companies that specialize in buying surplus from the armies of different countries. As a result, we got really unique armored vehicles.

Among them are, for example, the Tier V light tank Stubbs, which is able to overcome even difficult terrain and deliver a sudden strike, the Tier VII Bigtop medium tank, which combines mobility and firepower. And the Tier VII Slapjack heavy vehicle can mislead the enemy with its small size and unleash a whole hail of shells on it.

All this equipment does not need to be researched, as it happens with other nations – in order to open it, you have to fulfill special contracts. There is a separate contract for each car, and you need to complete it within a certain time. And this is not just something like “kill five enemy tanks and get a reward” – each “challenge” takes place in several stages. But the reward is worth it: we get a new mercenary vehicle, a slot in the hangar, and a unique commander with skills already learned. Moreover, special attention is paid to the crew and their abilities here – in fact, in the Mercenaries, fighters are equated with heroes.

Edition supplemented, corrected and improved

Battles in the World of Tanks Console: Mercenaries take place on new maps, which are modified versions of already known locations. Based on surveys and research, the authors identified the most popular cards among the players and adapted them to the Mercenaries, giving a look more appropriate to their era.World of Tanks Console - all about the Mercenaries update

Console World of Tanks looks great.

For example, on the basis of the Quiet Coast map, the Kitimat location was created, where a Soviet-American joint venture operates among the vast expanses of Canada, producing highly enriched uranium from radioactive ore. And the well-known map “Robin” has turned into a “Dump” – there is a warehouse of materials and equipment that supplies mercenary units with important spare parts.

With the release of the update, many things in the game have been added and improved. The interface has been updated – icons and images now have a worn effect. The hangar now looks like a mercenary camp, and the loading screen now allows you to go directly to the store, read the news, play a mini-game, or submit a bug report.

At the same time, new music created by famous composer Inon Zur (Inon Zur; he composed soundtracks for a bunch of games, including Baldur’s Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, Crysis and Dragon Age: Origins) now sounds in the hangar and on the loading screen – it was recorded with Prague Symphony Orchestra. And, by the way, now each map has its own musical theme.

New sounds have also been recorded. External and internal equipment now makes a rumble and knock, and the sounds of the tracks are played taking into account the speed of movement, the difference in the speeds of the tracks, and other factors.

Finally, the good news is that the authors are still catching errors and fixing even the smallest of them – for example, adjusting the color of the Mongolian flag. In general, the list of fixes is huge, and now the game, judging by it, should become even better, more beautiful and more realistic.

World of Tanks Console - all about the Mercenaries update

Allied bots can now execute the “Back” order from the radial menu.


“Mercenaries” is a great example of how you can and should stimulate interest in a well-known game that seems to be no longer capable of surprising you. And a new, even more serious challenge – as I said, the War Chronicles episode that debuted in the update turned out to be perhaps the most difficult of all.

You can learn more about the update on its official page.

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