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According to the recently well-known YouTuber Sergey Druzhko, every fifth resident of the CIS plays World of Tanks. If you are lucky enough to be among those twenty percent of people whose computers have already parked Wargaming combat vehicles, you probably already know that on May 28, the VTB Ice Palace will host the most significant event in the tank world – the grand final! The best teams from the CIS, China, Europe and the USA will measure the thickness of the tracks and the length of the guns right before our eyes!

Now let’s reduce the degree of pathos and turn to more prosaic matters. There are still two days left until the final, and the tournament is already in full swing. While the teams are figuring out who is worthy of snatching the lion’s share of the $300,000 prize pool, we sat down with their representatives to find out who has a good life in esports.

Results of the group stage of the grand final.

Being a tanker is good – let them teach me

It’s no secret that the older generation doesn’t take esports seriously. “When are you going to find a job?” – these words could be heard by any participant of the grand final. But only up to a certain point.

As it turned out, potential athletes face a misunderstanding of relatives not only in Russia – in China, and in Germany, and in the USA, future stars had to prove with blood and sweat that the games are suitable not only for leisure. When blood and sweat find their symbolic expression in a couple of thousand dollars, once shown to conservative households, all questions disappear – an aura of mysterious and incomprehensible success appears over the young heroes.

All ages are submissive to the game

The age composition of the teams participating in the championship varies greatly. So, Dmitry Repin, the leader of Na’Vi, is 36 years old, and the average age of the participants in the European Oops is about 18 years old.

In general, it is impossible to draw a portrait of a typical professional WoT player – people differ greatly both in their views on life and the place of esports in it, as well as in their hobbies and even in the amount of time allotted for training.

Many players have wives and children, and they do not consider it necessary to sacrifice the comfort of the hearth for the sake of “tanks”. If you think that all e-sportsmen are maniacs that drill with red eyes on the monitor screen twenty hours a day, you are deeply mistaken.

Members of European and American teams devote about three hours a day to training. At the same time, they do not forget about the weekend, because a good rest is just as important for progress as working days.

Ben Mongeon, manager of the American team Elevate, said that in their country, the majority of professionally fond of “tanks” people have a main job, not related to games, which they devote most of their time to. We also learned about an interesting feature of American teams: it is difficult to motivate their players – you have to literally drive them to training.

Hot fight. Let and not among the favorites.

The Eastern mentality is different: the Chinese are ready to go into training marathons without letting go of the mouse for days. Fighters from El Gaming have been training with the Russian team for some time. Due to the time difference, they had to work at night, and they only allocated a couple of hours of the day for sleep. This approach, of course, is bearing fruit, but in general, a professional level can be achieved both with uninterrupted training and a more measured schedule.

What is a tank for a Russian, a tank for an American

In many ways, the differences in attitudes towards the game are related to the popularity of World of Tanks in different countries and the economic situation in them. Wages in the West are much higher than in the CIS or in the East. Hence the difference in priorities: a resident of Russia or Ukraine is ready to equate the concepts of “work” and “tanks” for the sake of three thousand dollars a month. And for the inhabitants of more prosperous regions of the globe, this is far from the ceiling of dreams. Therefore, for example, none of the members of the European Oops looks at WoT as their main occupation: everyone studies at universities, and the grand final for them is an opportunity to enrich their student life.

Speaking of money

The money revolving in the esports sector is no longer just comparable to the money in classic sports disciplines, but also quantitatively overtakes many of them. According to Andrey Rozhnov, team manager at Not So Serious, the budget and audience reach of the most popular esports has already surpassed, for example, basketball and tennis. The more people involved in the process, the more investment. And as we know, there are more and more people every day.

However, WoT is a relatively modest discipline that still lacks the funds to attract players from advanced economies. Judge for yourself: the prize fund of the grand final is $300,000. The winning team will receive half of this amount. It must be divided into at least eight people. Thus, in the best case (which is not worth counting on), a player who has dedicated his life to “tanks” will receive a little less than $ 20,000.

TORNADO are the main rivals of Na’Vi. According to Na’Vi.

Of course, the earnings of a professional athlete are not limited to prize money from tournaments. Members of top teams receive a salary from sponsors, which in the case of WoT ranges from $500 to $1,000 per month. For comparison: if we take more popular eSports disciplines, such as Counter-Strike, then monthly earnings there can reach up to 20,000.

Players also have additional sources of income – streams, bets at bookmakers, paid “pumping” of accounts (although it is prohibited in WoT). In general, successful players do not click their teeth – with the amounts they earn, it is quite possible to feed themselves and their families, even in the USA. But still, the risk for players from Western countries is disproportionate to the reward, because the subsistence level is reached only if they get into the world top 5. In our case, when the average salary in the country is about $400, the incentive to play is much stronger.

Counting other people’s money is not good, but it is necessary, because the difference in the weight of the wallets of citizens of different countries negatively affects the development of eSports.

The main problem of the competitive World of Tanks

It seems to be a holiday, pathos, a grand final … And in the battles there are teams of completely different weight categories. Americans and Europeans, who openly declare that WoT is just a hobby for them, and representatives of the CIS, who put almost their lives on the line.

Dmitry de1uxe Repin complains about the lack of competitors. Due to the unpopularity of the game outside the CIS, there are very few teams that can compete with Na’Vi. In his opinion, only TORNADO ENERGY has a chance to win – the only worthy opponent of Na’Vi over the past few years. It’s hard to call a modest statement, but Na’Vi has every reason to turn up its nose – this team has won a huge number of trophies in World of Tanks, the level of professionalism of its players is beyond doubt. Third place analysts predict Not So Serious. In general, the CIS teams are clear favorites.

El Gaming, which has leaked to the quarterfinals, has almost no serious achievements. The coach of the Nightmare team stated with a smile: “We were just lucky.” And Dmitry Repin declares without a shadow of a doubt: if Na’Vi collides with Oops, it will be an easy walk and 5:0. Of course, this is not what you expect from the main championship. I want burning eyes, a thirst to fight and win. And here, almost all the participants sing the praises of the CIS team. The lack of intrigue affects not only the interest of the audience, but also the excitement of the players themselves. One feels some kind of fatigue, boredom in Repin’s words when he says: “We have already won so much… And the reason for the unpopularity of the “tanks” is the slow pace and, accordingly, not very high entertainment. I would like more tournaments, more competition … “

A little bit of nostalgia: this is how Na`Vi become the winners of the grand final in 2016.

WoT is a kind of analogue of figure skating. This is our patrimony, our esports tradition, we are the undisputed leaders here. Love it or not, but if you evaluate the brainchild of Wargaming not just as a game, but as a sports discipline, then there is reason for pride. However, when you reach the top, you want someone from below to constantly try to push you. To assert itself again and again in its greatness.

It is with such thoughts that it is worth watching the grand final on the 27th and 28th. With hope for surprises and surprises, for an equal confrontation and an exciting fight. Indeed, at the group stage, the titans lost to the European Ding – miracles happen, and that’s great!

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