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On May 28, VTB Ice Palace turned into a tank training ground: the long-awaited grand final took place, which determined the strongest team in the world. And if for some reason you still don’t know who became the champion, then we will keep the intrigue and tell you about everything in order.

Who won?

TORNADO ENERGY won! “Where’s the intrigue?” – you ask. And there was no intrigue left for anyone after the quarterfinal matches. The real final was played the day before the formal one. No wonder Na’Vi called TORNADO ENERGY their only competitor in the tournament – it was they who destroyed the hopes for the triumph of the “born to win”.

A lot of people came to the event.

The quarterfinal confrontation between the two teams from the CIS turned out to be the most spectacular and emotional at the tournament. Na’Vi immediately took the lead and took a 3-0 lead, making everyone believe that they were in for another easy ride. However, suddenly TORNADO got together and won seven rounds in a row! So a new favorite was designated, who was destined to become the champion on Sunday.

In general, the matches of the final day proceeded extremely sluggishly. 7:2, 7:2, 7:2 — the last games of the World of Tanks Grand Final ended with such a stable result. Unfortunately, the devastating score of the semi-final matches fully reflected their progress. The European Elevate admitted its own helplessness in front of DiNG, while TORNADO ENERGY defeated Not So Serious without any problems.

Cancer Valera chooses TORNADO

So, TORNADO ENERGY and DiNG became the finalists. Everything was already clear to everyone, but the commentators tried to maintain the intrigue, assuring the public of the possibility of surprises. The central stands of the Ice Palace were completely filled. And representatives of the press even considered the finale a worthy occasion to distract themselves from the dishes provided by the organizers.

However, instead of an epic match, we got a show spanking session. In the final, TORNADO ENERGY dealt with DiNG with unfortunate ease. The team from the CIS immediately marked the advantage and did not give the opponents a single chance. There was no bright finale, the rivals were incomparable in terms of professional level.

There were no surprises in the competitive part of the tournament. But the developers talked about the changes in the upcoming update 9.19, as well as plans for the future. Ranked battles, six types of advanced equipment, combat instructions – all these things await players very soon.

Wargaming also promises to tidy up the Soviet line of tanks in the coming months, as well as add new graphics to the project. The developers claim that their main task in this difficult matter is to ensure stability. According to them, performance should not fall on any computer. It’s hard to say how they will succeed, because in the screenshots shown, the beauty of World of Tanks was really impressive.

The best tankers of this year.


As expected, the real struggle in the tournament unfolded between the teams of the CIS. Neither Chinese nor Western teams are yet able to seriously compete with them. Well, let’s hope that by the next grand final, the popularity of World of Tanks as an esports discipline will increase, and we will witness a brighter finale. And congratulations to the TORNADO ENERGY team on the second champion title!

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