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The global map is a special mode of World of Tanks. A separate world that lives according to its own laws and rules, apart from the players in “random” or ranked battles. In some ways, it resembles guild battles for possession of fortresses and castles in Lineage 2, but at the same time, all events take place on a large global map, which already refers us to strategies like Hearts of Iron or Europa Universalis.

On July 26, the Stormfront event starts in World of Tanks, and we want to highlight five reasons why you should pay attention to the Global Map mode.

Five reasons to play on the global map in World of Tanks

Reason 1. Game within the game

The “Global Map” is an original analogue of guild wars for possession of castles in classic MMORPGs. The rules are very similar, because the main incentive to capture territories is the opportunity to receive bonuses and additional resources.

All events take place on a special field, which is a world map divided into regions. The struggle between clans is not only for control of more provinces, but also for the possession of the richest regions.

Not just “Tanks”, but a real MMO strategy.

In order to participate in the events of the Global Map, you need to join one of the clans – you cannot fight on the Global Map alone.

However, one has nothing to do here, because the regime is “imprisoned” for cooperation by hundreds of clan members at once. Both the strategic and tactical components are presented here: planning takes place on the world map, and the battles themselves take place on the usual maps in the 15 × 15 format. But there is an important difference: the commander, before the start of the battle, forms the composition of the squad according to the equipment and clan fighters. No randomness and amateur performances – everything is as organized as possible.

Five reasons to play on the global map in World of Tanks

On the Global Map, a serious approach to the game is needed – even the battle schedule is planned in advance.

Reason 2. Cool tanks and a lot of rewards

The events taking place on the global map are divided into seasons and events — this is reminiscent of ranked battles, only the standings here are team-based.

Seasons continue for several months. Throughout the season, there is a fierce war for the provinces and their retention. A clan can join an alliance of clans or create its own alliance. As part of an alliance of clans, you can transfer provinces and defend them instead of an ally, send convoys with gold or industrial resources. World geopolitics in all fields!

At the end of the season, two clan ratings are compiled: regular and political. For positions in the ranking, clans are awarded in-game resources, and fighters receive stripes, premium styles, emblems, and decals for customizing vehicles.

Five reasons to play on the global map in World of Tanks

Five reasons to play on the global map in World of Tanks

Only the strongest will be able to take a place on the podium.

Events in the “Global Map” mode usually take place twice a year, in winter and summer, and last about two weeks.

For participation in them, the most valuable bonuses are provided. Everything is based on the system of earning fame points, which can be exchanged for valuable prizes – credits, styles, emblems, reserves, crew members, premium days. The main trophy is the opportunity to get a tank of the 10th level.

Players have a chance to get vehicles and styles for them.

In July 2012, the first event, Atlantis, started on the global network, in which the developers of the game took direct part.

According to the plot, a new continent appeared between the USA and Europe, the rich provinces of which were supposed to be recaptured in battles with the mysterious Atlanta clan. The “Atlantes” turned out to be Wargaming employees, and every player could meet them on the battlefields.

Reason 3. New friends!

The more you get involved in the game, the more emotions you get in return. Fans of the Global Map mode know this very well, because the clan is the best source of socialization in World of Tanks. Sometimes it even resembles a social network inside the game.

But do not forget that joining a clan also imposes new obligations: battles for the provinces are held strictly according to the schedule, and if a player is defined as a combat unit, then be kind enough to appear!

It does not do without funny cases. WoT veterans will easily remember the congratulations on the wedding of The RED clan player from Viktor Kisly, founder and CEO of Wargaming.

Reason 4. Even more opportunities to communicate with developers

Clan members in World of Tanks are a community of people who understand the principles of the game very subtly. The core of the audience, in symbiosis with which the Global Map is developing. Developers from Wargaming often meet with representatives of clans before developing updates: they test new “features” and mechanics. The clans have made a great contribution to the development of many components of the “global”, such as fortified areas, the clan rating system, various event mechanics, the system of clan alliances, and much more. And someone subsequently even got a job in the company!

Five reasons to play on the global map in World of Tanks

Rewards that can be obtained for participating in the Storm Front event.

Reason 5. You will have the opportunity to become part of the World of Tanks development team

Veterans of clan battles are everywhere in the company. This is not surprising, because who can better develop the game, if not the players themselves? Here are some stories of employees that confirm this thesis.

Five reasons to play on the global map in World of Tanks

He began his clan life as an ordinary ordinary fighter in the clan. After some time, I had my own clan, where I was engaged in all organizational activities and commanded in clan battles. After some time, he was already in charge of a group of clans and coordinated their actions on the global map. Actively communicated in clan communities with other clan leaders.

Later it turned out to establish direct contact with the developers of the Global Map. It was a conference in Skype, where we, as representatives of the clans, communicated with the developers (it still exists). Later, WG initiated regular meetings of such active players and developers in the company’s office. After a vacancy appeared in the company for a position related to the operation of the global map and clans, I submitted a resume, and among all the candidates they chose me.

Five reasons to play on the global map in World of Tanks

He came to the game in May 2010, when it was still at the beta test stage. From the very beginning, he actively participated in the creation of the clan movement and became the founder of one of the oldest gaming communities of the project, with which he spent several years, participating in all significant events.

In 2014, he became interested in a new vacancy for a clan community manager and submitted his resume. Having successfully passed the selection stages, in 2015 I joined the WG team and since then I have been invariably involved in clans and competitive activities in the CIS.

Of course, the experience of managing our community helped me a lot, it allowed me to understand the mood of the players, their needs, how to build communication and achieve joint results.

Five reasons to play on the global map in World of Tanks

I started playing Tanks back in CBT and pretty quickly joined the already ongoing clan life. This was when there were no clans in the game – we could only call ourselves a clan, and inter-clan battles took place in training rooms.

Over the years, he managed to change several clans, but he was always one of the main strategic decision makers. A few years later, he coordinated a whole alliance of clans in the eastern primes, commanded in battles, and was also a “combat troll” on the forum. In general, he was quite famous in the clan community and already then began to communicate with the developers.

In 2013, I saw a vacancy for a community manager, which aroused genuine interest. After passing a series of interviews, I ended up in a development center in Minsk. Both my knowledge of the product and the ability to work with the clan community helped me pass the selection.

In the WG, he again engaged in interaction with the clan community, after some time he became one of those responsible for working with clans and interacting with clan development in the CIS. And now I am developing World of Tanks in China, including in the direction of the Global Map.

“Proserpina” – 3D style for Carro da Combattimento 45 t.

If you’re not already in a clan, this is an easy fix. The game provides a system for selecting clans with fine tuning. You can choose not only the role of interest in the clan, but also a convenient time for the game, as well as the language of communication. Perhaps this is your chance to improve your English!

Now World of Tanks is launching a new event in the “Global Map” mode – “Thunder Front”. From July 26 to August 9, the clans will again meet in a merciless struggle for control over the territories. Even if you have already “passed Tanks”, participating in the Stormfront event will give you new experience in battles, as well as an opportunity to earn useful rewards.

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