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No holy place is empty: since the creators of the popular online action movie on the theme of modern war at the end of last year decided to return to the roots and made their new game in the setting of the Second World War (you guessed it, we are talking about Battlefield), then someone had to fill the niche fill. The most notable application came from the Polish developers from The Farm 51, who released their shooter with the plain name World War 3 on Steam Early Access in the fall, not particularly trying to hide the similarity to the great and terrible Battlefield 4.

They promised us everything that is usually promised to the public in such cases, but the miracle did not happen as expected – it is, to put it mildly, premature to talk about competition with the “battle”. The problems are the same as most projects in early access: little content, a lot of bugs. As a result, the number of people who want to participate in this paid beta test has decreased by orders of magnitude: daily online has fallen from tens of thousands in October to a couple of hundred at the moment.

However, the developers do not give up and continue to refine WW3, hoping to overcome all difficulties. We decided to take a look at what the game is now, four months after the release on Steam.

War is changing

The fictional conflict taking place in World War 3 spans the European theater of operations. First, it is proposed to choose your side – West or East. The first is the NATO bloc, and the second, respectively, is Russia with its allies in the CSTO. However, despite the modernity of the setting, the “Eastern” are for some reason represented on the map by their native emblem of a red star with a hammer and sickle inside.

The map itself, which is a model of our globe, is not just a decoration of the main menu: the game tries to live up to its name. One of the key features of WW3 is the element of metagaming, thanks to which the events taking place in each individual battle directly affect the situation on the fronts of the Third World War. The points earned at the end of the battle can be invested in improving the situation in each hot spot: for example, you will have more medical supplies or ammunition.

It sounds tempting, but it would be better if the developers focused on something else, and not on this far from the most important element for the beta test – at the moment there is practically no sense from it.

World War 3 game review

The number of locations in the future promise to increase, not limited to Europe alone.

The next cornerstone is the character customization system. Here, on the contrary, everything looks very good, if you forget about not the most convenient interface. For the sake of variety, the developers made a somewhat strange decision – the equipment and weapons are not separated by sides, that is, nothing prevents them from arming themselves with both a Russian grenade launcher and a German machine gun, while dressing the fighter in an American uniform decorated with Polish stripes.

Such fussiness looks somewhat wild in a shooter that declared itself to be a realistic simulator of the Third World War, but for those who like to play with the appearance and equipment settings, it’s a real expanse. Chevrons, patches, camouflages, harnesses, helmets and headgear, weapon skins — there are a lot of options for creating a unique look. But there is also not only customization of appearance, but also a huge (especially for the beta version) number of different body kits for weapons that change their characteristics. In this regard, WW3 can be safely compared to Escape from Tarkov, despite the fact that there are not so many weapon models here.

There are no classes, instead there are six slots for various sets of equipment that you can compose to your heart’s content. In addition to weapons, each player also has auxiliary means of support – for example, calling an unmanned drone, armored vehicles or artillery strikes. The maximum weight your fighter can carry acts as a limitation – it will not work to gain everything to the maximum. The speed of movement on the battlefield also depends on this.

World War 3 game review

Even the highest graphics settings are not impressive. Perhaps this will change over time.

You can hang in the customization menu for a long time, especially if you have enough currency for purchases, which, of course, is given out for participating in battles.

In order to finally go to the battlefield after all the preparations, you need to click on the game search button, trusting the matchmaking algorithm, or create your own battle by choosing one of the three currently available modes. The classic lobby with a list of servers has just appeared, in the latest update, but it still does not work properly – due to an error, it is not possible to connect to the game. We’ll have to wait for the next patch, with which the developers should hurry up before the game loses its remaining fans.

No frills

The gameplay itself is utterly standard for such online action movies. Capturing and defending control points, killing enemies, dying, respawning… WW3 really lacks at least some zest. Customization? The new equipment is too expensive – you will have to spend quite a lot of time in battles, which, as already mentioned, cannot boast of anything special.

World War 3 game review

It would be much easier to select weapons options with a more understandable interface.

WW3 is reminiscent of Battlefield, especially the fourth part, minus the destructibility and all the same scale. There is little equipment (from aviation, in general, only light drones), and what is available is not so strong against infantry. However, the developers warned in advance: in their view, the Third World War is a war of ordinary foot soldiers using various special gadgets. And so it happened: soldiers are fighting with machine guns and rifles, UAVs are hovering over the battlefield, and tanks and combat vehicles are few in number and die very quickly, especially since the optical devices of equipment can be broken using conventional small arms.

All maps offer urban battles, where it is more convenient for ordinary infantry to fight. The lack of vertical gameplay is depressing – almost all skirmishes take place on the same plane, and there are not enough sniper positions on hills, roofs and in the windows of multi-storey buildings. But often there are underground passages, parking lots, narrow corridors and small rooms where those who are strong in close combat feel good. Of the pleasant – various weather effects and times of day, due to which the same maps change appearance every now and then.

From a technical point of view, WW3 is unremarkable. The graphic effects do not amaze the imagination, and the sound was heard even better: it is worth noting only how the technique sounds. Don’t forget about bugs. I do not know how things were before, but at the moment it was not possible to completely get rid of them. The most annoying bugs are game crashes and an interface that looks like a prototype.

Shotgun is the best choice for close combat.


Low online World War 3 and not the most flattering player reviews at the moment are fully justified. The game does not seem to be a “Battlefield killer”: even the fourth part of the “battlefield”, despite its considerable age, bypasses this shooter in all respects. What does WW3 have to offer at the moment? Testing, helping developers find bugs, directing the development of the project – no doubt. Enjoy the gameplay – not yet. Look back in a year – maybe then someone will come to the Third World War.

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