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World War Rising is a mobile historical strategy in which you can rewrite the history of brutal and world-famous battles with your own hands and ideas, right in real time.

World War Rising
 Promo Codes (2023 January)
All Codes Expiration date
2HG8QODNXC3 January 29, 2023
O5RXNHPV9L December 15, 2022
Z6IA09ST8 February 4, 2023
R81TG7MSWIO January 8, 2023
QYTD6I37GCJ2 February 3, 2023
KQ29B4WRU57 December 28, 2022
FDNQSJU5TBA December 23, 2022
1ANSLRM76X January 18, 2023
SLNZJOFKG January 20, 2023
A59671YIHF2 January 1, 2023
F24Q0DKC1IJ8 January 25, 2023
Y5M0QLAF618 January 9, 2023

The player will have to show himself in the role of a military general and assemble his most powerful army, which will be able to take over the capture of this vast world. Gather a huge number of fighters and soldiers together, and use armed vehicles and armored tanks to become a legend. Completely free World War Rising, where you can connect to real-time. Then the players will be able to fight each other and get valuable rewards. Large-scale military strategy The global strategy of the military genre, in which there was a place for role-playing elements. Right now you can connect to wars in PvP modes and try to get the best rewards. It will be extremely difficult to break away from such magnificent three-dimensional graphics. Engage in the construction of your base and develop it in the Rise of the World War, because a lot will depend on it. Gather many different types of troops together and replenish territorial reserves with new locations to become the ruler of the whole large-scale world.

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