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Beat ’em up games don’t come out all that often, but many of the latest beat ’em ups are of great quality. Streets of Rage 4 and River City Girls are some of the biggest examples, with the success of which we’ll soon see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge and River City Girls 2. Young Souls, a project that has been in the making for nearly six years, can be added to the list. years, impresses with the level of elaboration and the ability of the authors to breathe new life into the genre.

Saving Grandpa

The novelty tells about Jenn and Tristan, orphaned twins, who were sheltered in their house by an unnamed Professor. The guys help Grandpa raise money to improve a secret device hidden behind a locked door. On one “beautiful” day, the Professor disappears, and it turns out that he has fallen into another world, and all this time he has been hiding the portal to the next dimension.

If everything is calm in the real world, then in the parallel one, a whole army of goblins plots and eliminates all those who are objectionable. What happened to the Professor, we do not know, but we get acquainted with the friendly goblin Baldwin. It is he who tells us about the mysterious ancient portals that can transfer children to the dungeons. And there are other representatives of this race who were captured, and numerous bosses (they are called guards), leaving behind valuable items.

Young Souls: Обзор

Sometimes you can choose answers in dialogues, but this does not affect anything.

Total in Young Souls four regions that open as you progress through the story. Each region (except the last, linear) includes more than a dozen levels, and the game does not force you to complete them in a certain order. For example, you can get into a large hall in which you will see three or four doors – some of them may be locked, but others are open. And the number of keys needed increases over time. So if you get stuck on a boss or can’t get through a section, you can look at the map and use the portal to another place, rather than trying to overcome the same obstacle over and over again.

In the dungeons, the game is very similar to any classic beat ’em up: run from the left end of the location to the right, breaking vases and boxes in the hope of finding items there, and at times you find yourself locked in a small area and fighting with opponents. The character can use a simple attack, perform a strong blow after the accumulation of mana, and also roll, but not too often. The most important thing in his arsenal is block and parry. There is no need to guess the timings – the game always gives hints when to try to repel an attack, and when it is better to run to the side.

You can’t stun bosses with a single parry – you need to perform it three or four times in a row.

There is support for local co-op, but going through the game alone is more than realistic. Instead of just lowering the difficulty level for solo players, the developers came up with a more interesting system. When one of the characters takes damage, he can restore part of the lost health, but only if you switch to another hero. This encourages you to play for different guys, giving them the same amount of time.

fashion sentence

Along with this, you need to constantly pay attention to their equipment. IN Young Souls the role component is one of the main elements. Firstly, for killing opponents, the twins earn experience, and as they gain new levels, their strength and health indicators increase. Secondly, both heroes have an inventory – they allow you to change weapons, a bib, a helmet, an accessory, and even shoes.

Some things fall out of the defeated guards, some you find in treasuries. Sometimes chests cannot be opened without a key, which is annoying at first – when you run past locked chests, you either forget about them later, or return to already cleared locations, which you don’t really want to do.

Young Souls: Обзор

The larger the enemy, the higher the chance that he will leave something behind.

Gradually, in the goblin market, where only potions are sold at the beginning of the game, more and more merchants appear: one offers weapons, another armor, the third improves the characteristics of accessories. There are six of the latter, including a hook that attracts opponents, a bomb and a bow – the more actively you pump them, the more useful they become, although they are often not allowed to use them in battle.

There is a lot of various equipment here, including one- and two-handed swords. The latter deal more damage, but with them the character loses the shield, and therefore, when using the block, he still receives a little damage. Over time, new types of weapons are unlocked, including kukris and daggers, with which attacks become even faster. Plus, many items have bonuses – some can deal increased damage to stunned targets, while others allow you to accumulate mana faster. Yes, and strong blows are different – instead of performing a crushing combination, for example, you can call on spiders to help poison your targets.

Armor is also enough. For the assembled set of chest and helmet you get a bonus to the characteristics. Items can be upgraded using the resources collected in the dungeons, and this not only increases their performance, but also unlocks new passive perks.

Young Souls: Обзор

The skills given out for improving things are initially kept secret. But you can immediately find out their number.

Currencies don’t give much, so you don’t feel like spending it thoughtlessly on everything – you carefully study all the options and decide whether to buy a new thing or upgrade an old one. You also need to leave money for sneakers, which are also not cheap, but they have enough useful “passives”, such as increasing health or attack speed. Well, do not forget that the heroes cannot wear the same thing, so you spend money on both guys.

A couple misses

It is difficult to call the role-playing component deep, but all this is enough to regularly look into the inventory. At the same time, the desire of developers to scatter important merchants in different places becomes annoying over time. Weapons and armor are sold here, shoes are sold there. That is, you do not just teleport to the city through the menu, but after that you also get to the desired building. The training room, where occasionally they allow you to improve performance, also stands separately. The pawnshop, where you exchange trinkets for gold, is generally located at the other end of the street.

Fights, no matter how exciting they may be at first, in the second half of the game already seem monotonous. Yes, the authors are trying to constantly introduce new opponents, including “repainting” the old ones and giving them bonus abilities, but still the process does not change much. In general, we defeat bosses mainly with a series of parries – they block ordinary attacks, and you don’t want to take risks, because they are able to knock out with four or five blows. More precisely, this happens at the recommended difficulty level (third of four) – on easy and medium difficulties arise very rarely, but the block and parry are still the most important techniques.

Young Souls: Обзор

Occasionally, the character is lost on the screen among enemies and effects, but this almost never leads to death.

Despite the shortcomings, the game is still hard to break away. The plot, although it is simple, captivates with excellent dialogues – even if none of them is voiced, the characters are revealed great and remain in memory for a long time. Looks Young Souls Gorgeous – 2D and 3D are perfectly combined, creating a stylish and original picture. Well, the music perfectly complements what is happening on the screen and does not get bored. There are minor flaws (why can’t you take a new weapon right in the store and see how the characteristics change?), But such little things do not spoil the impression.

Young Souls is unlikely to be remembered at the end of the year when it comes time to make lists of the best games, but this does not make it worse. It turned out to be an unusual beat ’em up with an unusual structure for the genre and an extensive role-playing component for such a game, albeit not too deep. I would like to recommend the game, despite the shortcomings – after all, it has much more advantages.

Pros: original mix of beat ’em up and role-playing game; an extensive selection of items of equipment; nice combat system with a variety of opponents; unusual visual style; likable characters that didn’t require voice acting to develop.

Minuses: fights do not change significantly until the end of the game; gameplay flaws like merchants spaced far from each other.

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