News - Updated on April 10, 2022

It Takes Two has been on the market for more than a year, and during all this time it has been actively harvesting a variety of awards. Her latest high-profile achievement was two statuettes at the BAFTA Games Awards. Shortly before the awards ceremony, the boss Hazelight Yousef Fares (Joseph Fares) discussed with reporters the success of his offspring.

It Takes Two became a big hit without a huge budget, without any links to an already established series, but with a cooperative mechanic that could potentially cause controversy and controversy. Fares also did not expect the game to climb so high, although he always believed in his creation. According to him, he knew that the team was doing something special, but for all of them such a positive reaction from the audience was a surprise.

We always create a game that we ourselves would like to play. We prefer not to look at the demands of the market, the industry or the opinion of users, what they want or don’t want to play. We simply create projects with love and passion. I think these words are spoken quite often in the gaming industry, but we really work in this way.

In his first acceptance speech that evening, Fares said a special thank you to Electronic Arts.

One of the main features It Takes Two is a mixture of completely different genres and mechanics that regularly replace each other. Fares explained that the most difficult thing about working with them is to determine the optimal duration of a particular mechanic. He also compared his approach to the experience gained in the film industry:

You don’t have to keep repeating everything. Remember to put together a two-minute episode in style Street Fighterit took us six months. There is a question, they say, why was it not used again? Imagine a great scene in a movie. You do not need to see her again, because one show is enough.

Yousef also emphasized the importance of a competent approach to choosing a publisher. He explained that it was hard for his wards to find a company that would trust the developers and give them creative freedom. Such for Hazelight became Electronic Arts.

Recall, during the BAFTA Games Awards It Takes Two was awarded statuettes in two categories: “New Intellectual Property” and “Multiplayer”.

After receiving the second golden mask for the award, the maestro boasted that he was preparing for the arrival of another child.

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