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Z Day: Hearts of Heroes is a powerful military strategy created using innovative technologies. The player will be in a large-scale world where war has become commonplace. It hasn’t ended for many years now.

Z Day: Heroes from Strategy War
 Codes  (2022 December) 2.62.0
All Codes Expiration date
EOSB7LCG8ZF November 22, 2022
PJ56GD9BH8 November 16, 2022
Z143ATXQE November 24, 2022
DQJIX0FR42S October 8, 2022
DJZ34NWBLCX6 October 22, 2022
HAY6EORIX98 October 28, 2022
YMNBGOCXRWD November 12, 2022
B9MTS08NR5 November 18, 2022
ASIRJNU04 October 8, 2022
8C5HU7I2J6G November 16, 2022
K5QUZNEORF30 October 30, 2022
ICJ1L9N5TXZ October 4, 2022

All over the world hostilities are taking place and you need to join it. The confrontation has been going on for many years in a row, and scientists are conducting new deep experiments every day. Super soldiers get many new superpowers every day and increase their strength. Soon they will have a destructive power that can destroy the entire world. The war is spreading throughout the vast world, and as a result of scientific experiments, living people begin to turn into cruel Zombies. Thus, war becomes a matter of the future, and it will be much more difficult to resist opponents. If you like the wars of the future, then you should try to download Z Day: Hearts of Heroes for android and become a military commander of the army. Smash enemies to smithereens and complete all the tasks assigned by your syndicate. The player will have to improve the abilities of his army, and actively fortify his own military base. Get yourself alliances to act together against more serious enemy forces. Z Day: Hearts of Heroes – the most powerful war Take on the challenge of world war and use all your best skills and strategy. Ahead of the player will be waiting for the most bloody clashes with opponents around the world. This huge virtual world has been consumed by chaos and horror because zombies are free to attack anyone that exists here. Ask your friends to download Z Day: Hearts of Heroes for Android and take part in allied wars together. You will have to command your own army, and make strategy with your friends. The game has enough varieties of heroes and monsters that can participate in wars.

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