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Zombie Catchers is a fun action game in which zombies will not chase you, but vice versa. It’s time to open the hunt for these pesky walking dead. Let the world be mired in the terrible consequences of a deadly virus that has turned most of humanity into monsters, you should not lose your head. Even in such times, there will be someone who decides to earn extra money. You and a friend are just one of those – you open a business where the supply of fresh zombies plays a crucial role. So you have to abandon all other things and start catching creatures.
Lots of fun moments are waiting for you in the Zombie Catchers app. There are many interesting devices and traps for catching zombies. With their help, you can quickly find any ghoul and start hunting for it. If you thought that zombies were brainless and slow, you were greatly mistaken. In order to keep up with these scoundrels, you need to try very hard. Therefore, the arsenal of weapons and devices for catching these creatures is so wide.
Become the coolest zombie hunters in the entire virtual world. Don’t forget to go down to your lab to upgrade equipment and furnish the interior. After hours of hunting zombies, time will fly by unnoticed, and you will get a lot of pleasure from the process. Collect everything you need, check your weapons and go on a bright adventure.
Game Features:

Zombie Catchers
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  • fun gameplay;
  • colorful graphics;
  • many different zombies;
  • exciting levels;
  • large arsenal of weapons.

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