APK - Updated on January 4, 2023

The continuation of a good game about the zombie apocalypse, which will not leave you indifferent.

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution  MOD APK (High Damage) 1.2.4

Peaceful times have long since left the Earth, the war dragged on for many years and it is not at all clear which side wins. The walking dead are not inferior to people in cunning and pose a serious threat to the population. However, you are lucky so far, you are alive! We hope that in this state you will remain throughout the second part.

Try to tip the scales towards the human race, contribute to victory and try to kill as many zombies as possible. Don’t forget, your goal is to save humanity! A great mission is waiting for its performer, try to complete the task 100%.

Of course, the developers did not leave the players alone with the zombies, the following will help you pave the way to victory:

• 30 different types of bladed and firearms;

• Various technical means;

Your task will be made more interesting:

• 11 different maps full of dangers and secrets;

• Well-designed rating system;

• A large number of enemies, zombies are not at all the same type and act differently.

Try to survive in a world almost ruled by the walking dead. Try to return the power to the human race!

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