Game New - Updated on November 29, 2022

When the apocalypse comes and the city is overrun by zombies, how can folks survive inside the face of a wave of undead? As a result of the commander, you will choose your correct hand from the fully totally different abilities of your get collectively members, and type your particular person wasteland workforce, stopping for somewhat little bit of survival space. for survivors.

Zombie Smash Mod APK 1.6.8

[UPDATE 03/02/2022] [DEAD GAME?] Game appears to be non-functional, indefinite "waiting for network connection" message. Hasn't been updated since Sept 2021, had a lot of issues that weren't being addressed. Had potential, but needed a lot of work, and was more frustrating than fun. [OLD REVIEW] Game is okay so far. Seems pretty generous with the freebies, which I appreciate, and makes it more likely that I'll buy anything (though I'm no whale, I go for starter packs and inexpensive deals). Could run a bit smoother during missions, but at least it's consistent. Can't say the same about the menus, which is weird, and why I haven't played it much yet. [ALL THE MENUS AND BUTTONS LAG] This is the first game I've played where every menu is lagged and it takes several seconds for something to happen after tapping a button. It seems like the game is actually freezing for a bit when all I want to do is upgrade gear or change menus. [DAILY AD DOESN'T WORK] I tried watching a video for the daily gift pack, and it failed to connect twice, then the game just crashed before I could try again. I tried the various freebies in the shop, and their ads loaded fine (lag aside), then tried the daily ad again and it still failed. [CRASHES NOVA LAUNCHER FREQUENTLY] When I exit the game, Nova Launcher tends to shut down with it, and I have to wait for it to load up again. Not a huge inconvenience, but between the menu lag, the failed ads, and Nova Launcher crashing, there are definitely some issues. I'm on a Pixel 3XL (using Android 11), which is decently powerful and runs everything else just fine.. Online games suck.. Can't play on my Android phone. Gives me Koroma then goes to a blue screen with background music. Thats it.. Decent but need work. I'm stuck in a level that requires 14k power and the auto char they give u is only 10k. It is impossible to beat with this guy and its only level 3-1. I don't understand why they give u an auto char that u have to use that is way too weak?. I'm stuck on chapter 3 undead variants 1 because of the enemy ratings and only one character has the lower rating. I was like in this game until I'm stuck on one level and every time I go past it it always resets me back to the same level so I can't progress anywhere in the game.

It worked one day now all I get is a blue screen. Like the game. However, I've made 3 in app purchases. Once the transaction has been completed, the game turns off. When I log back in I haven't received my purchases. Does not work keeps freezing dont waist your time. Game stopped working.Have the gold pack. No way to contact anyone help fix the problem.. Great game i manage to make it to the seventh level ans now its just taking me straight to 5he boss battle and ive reach level 7 it's freezing , som5hings wrong lol.

Fun game but I bought the gold star medal perk and then my game got stuck on a tutorial for leveling your hero. It just loops the same thing over and over. Even reinstalled and cleared cache. Now on the 2nd attempt this morning my game is completely gone. I will change rating if I can get my gold medal perk, I dont mind having to start all over.. Screen goes blue and stays that way. It does not load to play it. Free daily gift doesn't work, game crashes every few minutes, the word chapter is misspelled, rewards are time gates and lumped up together.. this game isn't even fit for early release. You deserve every bad review you get. It's like you wanted the game to fail.. This game freezes then takes me back to my home screen and it did it 3 tumes.

Would be nice to do more than one chest at a time. Downloaded the game and it wouldn't open. Deleted and trying to download again.. Update broke the game,when it was playable it was enjoyable.. I've reached out to customer support twice about a glitch in the game. On stage 21 of region 3, after you passed the stage, it won't let me play the next stage. I've tried 3 days in a row. Please fix this asap.. This games actually not bad, it just has a lot of stuff missing such as more levels and less repetitive game play. It's not like something like Archero where it has upgrades and things throughout a run. This is just very repetitive auto shooting. I think it has a lot of potential, just needs more attention. 2.5/5.

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